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Car Stereo System Payment Plans From San Diego Car Stereo

Our goal here at San Diego Car Stereo is to provide you with the car of your dreams within a budget that you can afford. Upgrades like tinted windows, a bumping car stereo system, and slick and stylish wheels can add up, so we understand if you can’t pay for all of it right up front.
To help our valued customers get the quality equipment they deserve, San Diego Car Stereo is pleased to offer a variety of financing options. Our financing options are always simple, straightforward, with no strings or red tape. We even have options for car enthusiasts with less-than-perfect credit histories.
Our experts are ready to walk you through your choices and find the financing product that’s right for you. Give San Diego Car Stereo a call at 
(619) 736-9964.

TEMPOE Car Stereo Financing in San Diego 

Through TEMPOE, you can get instant approval with no credit required. Early purchase options allow you to pay off your loan on an expedited schedule. Learn more about TEMPOE financing.

Snap! Financing Apply Now and Get Up To $3000

Flexible Financing from Snap Finance 

Snap Finance offers buy now, pay later and no credit financing. All credit types are welcome and flexible payment plans are available. Apply online now and get an approval answer in seconds!

Retail Credit Card from Synchrony Financing 

With a credit card from Synchrony, you can finance your car stereo system or other mobile electronics while making convenient monthly payments at 0% interest for the first 48 months. The application is easy to complete, and a credit decision is provided in seconds so you can make your purchase at San Diego Car Stereo the very same day. Best of all, you can use this card at other retailers. To find businesses who accept your Synchrony card, search the Business Locator at


BrandSource Credit Card for Car Stereo Purchases
You can make your purchase at San Diego Car Stereo now and pay it off later with a BrandSource credit card. This credit card requires CitiBank approval, plus a credit check. For more information on interest rates, the card agreement, and promotional offers visit

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