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Industry-Leading Paint Protection Film From Solar Gard

The Best Car Paint Protection You’ll Never See

For our customers at San Diego Car Stereo, their car is much more than just a ride. It’s something to be proud of. A status symbol. Something to be protected.


Our Solar Gard paint protection film installation is the best way to protect your car paint from paint chips, scratches, and stains.

Why You’ll Love Having Paint Protection Film on Your Car

No matter if your paint is new or you are just looking to extend the life of your original paint job, car paint protection is your best approach. Some of the reasons our customers love our paint protection film installation include:


  • Protect How You Want: Paint protection film can be applied to an entire vehicle or to the areas that are more likely to be damaged on the road. Additionally, paint protection film is removable, making it a possibility for protecting leased cars as well.


  • Car Washes Optional - If you struggle getting to the car wash regularly, paint protection film is the perfect product for you! If your paint protection film installation is done right, it will be a repellent of dirt, dust, grime, and any other road debris that can get kicked up and make your car dirty. 


  • No Chips or Scratches - One of the worst experiences for a driver is to come up to their car and find a scratch or ding that wasn’t there before. Paint protection film prevents you from having this experience again. It protects your car paint from everyday scratches, chips, and damage from harmful road debris like rocks, sand, and salt.


  • Long Lasting - A professionally completed paint protection film installation will last for at least ten years. Most drivers will enjoy car paint protection for the entirety of their ownership.


  • Low Profile - You can’t even tell when a car has had a paint protection film installation. Paint protection film offers 100 percent invisible protection. Nobody will know it’s there and it won’t affect how your car looks whatsoever.

Let Our Experts Protect Your Car Paint in San Diego


Our professionals at San Diego Car Stereo utilize Solar Gard products for paint protection film installation. For over 40 years, Solar Gard has built experience and expertise in window films and surface protection. Nobody wants to show off a car with paint chips, scratches, and stains. 

Let our experts install a Solar Gard solution to your vehicle and restore its head turning shine for years to come. 



Complement Your Paint Protection Film With Other Aftermarket Upgrades

While you’re giving your car a visual upgrade, why not upgrade your complete driving experience? On top of Solar Gard’s car paint protection, San Diego Car Stereo installs a variety of aftermarket car accessories. Our selection of high quality solutions includes:



Our shop is conveniently located at 4220 Convoy St. in San Diego. Come on over anytime and meet our technicians while exploring what options we have that fit your car. You are always welcome to contact us as well! Give us a call at (858) 569-0777 or complete our contact form below and one of our professionals will reach out to you.

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