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Sound Deadening

Get Car Sound Deadening Materials at San Diego Car Stereo

How loud is the road noise in your car? Are you and your passengers constantly repeating yourselves? When you get a hands-free call, do you almost have to shout at the speaker to be heard? Do you keep turning up your radio to hear your music? 

San Diego Car Stereo is your source for sound deadening materials that are specifically made to absorb and muffle unwanted feedback such as rattles, buzzing, and traffic noise, and improve the acoustics of your car stereo system.

MESA MAT Sound Deadening

At San Diego Car Stereo, we use MESA MAT high-performance sound deadening products, which are designed and constructed to offer the best performance, sound, and vibration control available today.

Multiple product offerings with specific application and performance objectives are made of materials like pure butyl, AA-grade aluminum, and mil-spec adhesives, for the ultimate in damping properties, adhesion, and temperature control.

MESA MAT products can:


  • Increase vehicle performance

  • Improve sound system quality

  • Reduce vibration and road noise

  • Insulate your luxury vehicle

  • Reduce risk of driver fatigue thanks to a quieter cabin

Important Features of MESA MAT

Don’t settle for anything but the best - and you’ll find it here at San Diego Car Stereo. Compare MESA MAT technology with the competition to see what sets it apart from imitators.

MESA MAT deadening mats:


  • Have a black-coated automotive-grade (AA1100) aluminum constraining layer.

  • Offer the maximum damping coefficient for a dual layer material.

  • Have a proprietary butyl layer, which is odorless.

  • Offer a high damping vs. weight ratio.

  • Have advanced adhesion properties that allow our technicians to make adjustments to maximize effectiveness, with full adhesion to substrates within 48 hours.

  • Exceed vehicle thermal requirements, withstanding temperatures above 200℉.


Refuse to settle for less than the benefits of MESA MAT products. Visit San Diego Car Stereo for the best upgrades for your luxury vehicle.

We Install Car Sound Deadening Materials In Your Vehicle

Get professional installation of deadening mats at San Diego Car Stereo. The best way to get started is by visiting our showroom at 4220 Convoy Street to talk to our expert technicians about your goals for your luxury vehicle. Our team will put together a custom plan and estimate for upgrading your ride using MESA MAT technology.

Financing Your Upgrade

We offer flexible payment options at San Diego Car Stereo to make it easy to finance your car’s sound deadening service and car stereo upgrades. Even if you have little or no credit, you can still take advantage of our financing options. Learn more today on our financing page. 

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