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Best New and Aftermarket Tires in San Diego

The Best Prices on Car Tires & Installation in Southern California

Although the team at San Diego Car Stereo is perhaps best known for installing the latest and greatest in car stereos, sound systems, and window tinting, our shop just wouldn’t be complete without tires. Not only can we perform tire installation for your car, truck, or SUV, but we have some of the widest selection of aftermarket tires from the industry’s most reliable brands. We carry tires from BF Goodrich, Falken Tires, Fuel Off-Road, Toyo, and several more. No matter what vehicle you roll up in, the team at San Diego Car Stereo is bound to have the perfect solution for your new tire installation.
So, how do you know when you need new tires?
The first is the tried-and-true penny method. Simply place the coin in between the tread grooves head-first. If you can see Lincoln’s head, then that means that you need to replace your tires immediately. If you can almost see his head, you don’t have to replace your tires immediately, but you should certainly start thinking about it. Driving on tires that are old or unfit for the road is a dangerous game to play, so make sure you stay on top of it.
The second method to see if you need new tires is to bring your vehicle in the San Diego Car Stereo and let our experts take a look. Using our equipment, we can quickly determine how much life your current tires have left on them.
Most manufacturers of tires give a range of how many miles you can drive on them before they need to be replaced. When you shop for tires at San Diego Car Stereo, we take this into account along with the type of car that you’re driving and your typical daily commute. All-season tires are highly popular amongst most vehicle owners, but here in San Diego, many prefer to go with the summer tire.
Once we have determined which set of tires is correct for your vehicle, our expert technicians will install them and get you back out on the road in no time. Since we carry some of the widest selection of aftermarket tires, we usually have everything in stock and ready to install the same day you visit.
Finally, a brand-new set of tires can be costly, San Diego Car Stereo offers a number of attractive financing options for your new tire installation. When speaking with one of our team members, simply tell them you want to break up your purchase into separate payments and they can get you all set up.

Aftermarket Tires in San Diego

If you’re needing a new set of tires, then your next step is to visit our shop at 4220 Convoy St. here in sunny San Diego. We perform professional tire installations Monday thru Saturday.

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