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Wheels and Tires in San Diego

Get the professional touch from San Diego Car Stereo

When you’re looking for new wheels and new tires for your vehicle, it can be overwhelming to find the best brands at the best price. And once you do find the right car accessories for you, where do you turn to find the best wheel and tire installation in San Diego?

Lucky for you, the experts at San Diego Car Stereo can help you choose the best wheels and tires for your vehicle, and get you rolling with our professional installation services. When it comes to wheels and tires, we don't mess around!


We stock all the best wheel and tire brands

As you search for the best aftermarket car accessory brands, finding true top contenders amongst so many options can be tricky. At San Diego Car Stereo, we only offer the top wheel and tire brands on the market. Some of the tire brands we carry include Toyo, Falken, Fuel Off-Road, BF, and more. And to complement those new tires, we offer the best wheel brands as well, including Rotiform, Niche, Fuel, Black Rhino, Air Force, Method, Moto Metal, XD, KMC, and DUB.

Wheel and tire financing that won’t break the bank

Any quality aftermarket car upgrade is going to be an investment, and while we’d all love to pretend we have unlimited funds to create our dream ride, the reality is that most of us have a budget. Hey, we get it! That’s why we offer convenient financing options so you can get the wheels and tires you love at an affordable price.


Professional wheel and tire installation

At San Diego Car Stereo, our installation technicians are passionate about cars, and they treat each of their vehicles as if it was their own. Once you’ve browsed our large selection of wheel and tire brands, and have chosen the perfect set for your car, our installation team can get you taken care of right then and there. You’ll be cruisin’ in style in no time!

Contact Us

Stop by and see us at our San Diego store to shop our huge selection of premium wheels and tires. Or, give us a call today to schedule your wheel and tire installation appointment.

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