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You'll Love Motorcycle Speakers and Other Accessories From These Brands in 2023

Opt For Motorcycle Stereo System Installation at San Diego Car Stereo

There’s nothing like an open road on a motorcycle. Many people would enjoy this just fine without any other additions, but not us! After all, we are the motorcycle stereo professionals. Factory motorcycle stereo systems are lousy, and you deserve better. Especially when you’re driving a loud bike that is already hard to hear over. There’s no better upgrade you can make to a motorcycle than a stereo.

San Diego Car Stereo has a friendly and committed team of experienced technicians that can install a motorcycle stereo system and speakers to your bike. On top of a successful installation, our technicians will lend their expertise to your shopping process by asking questions and considering all the important factors to note when shopping for motorcycle upgrades like:

  • Types of equipment

  • Wattage

  • Additional features

On top of our expertise, you can also trust our opinion on superior brands that help make motorcycle stereo systems possible. We have two brands we’d like to highlight.

Let’s take a look at Scosche and Rockford Fosgate and what sets their products apart in the world of motorcycle stereo systems.


From a garage in the 80s to selling over 4,000 different audio products including handlebar mounts, cell phone holders, amplifier wiring kits, camera mounts, pro fork stems, universal mounts, and splash covers. Scosche products are trusted by drivers across the world.

Scosche mounts are the best in the business for multiple reasons, the biggest being the flexibility provided to the driver. No matter the motorcycle brand, Scosche mounts can be used to install a motorcycle speaker system and stereo that you can trust is secure and not obstructing to driving your bike. Additionally, Scosche mounts grant the driver the flexibility to customize their motorcycle stereo system components to their liking.

Rockford Fosgate

In 1973, Rockford Fosgate was started with an EQ amplifier that provided a bass boat and treble boost to audio systems. In 2022, Rockford Fosgate is still a leader in the space, developing devices for mobile, marine, motorsports, OEM audio, and, of course, motorcycle stereo systems.

Known for their powerful sound and crisp definition, Rockford Fosgate has the products needed to make your motorcycle stereo system installation a complete transformation of your entertainment experience. Source units from Rockford Fosgate provide superior sound quality and the control you need to maintain a perfect sound from your motorcycle stereo. This is consistent across all products, including head units, speakers, and amplifiers.

San Diego Car Stereo Is The Place To Be For Motorcycle Stereo System Upgrades

Drop by San Diego Car Stereo to shop your motorcycle stereo upgrade options and explore installation options as well. With so many options to choose from, the best approach for you is to work with our experts at San Diego Car Stereo and determine what works best for your needs and your motorcycle stereo.

We carry many solutions for you to choose from to improve your driving experience, only installing the highest quality products from brands we trust, including:

  • JVC

  • Pioneer

  • Kenwood

  • Alpine

  • Rockford Fosgate

  • Scosche

You can be confident you are getting high performing motorcycle stereo upgrades that will last you longer than the cheap alternatives that you may get at another shop.

What’s great is that we sell and install all of the options we have, so you are able to see your potential upgrades first-hand before making your final decision. Making an informed decision upfront is better for all involved as it avoids any dissatisfaction later and helps relieve uncertainty of the customer.

Don’t plan on spending your day here, either! Our technicians work hard to get your motorcycle stereo upgrades installed quickly to get you back out on the road with the wind in your hair, enjoying some tunes on your new motorcycle speakers.

In addition to your motorcycle stereo upgrades, San Diego Car Stereo can handle the aftermarket accessory installations for your car as well. Come see us if your car needs security solutions, window tinting, dash cam installations, or any of our other services. All of our products are professionally installed on-site and most can be done in the same day.

Our shop is located at 4220 Convoy St. in San Diego. Don’t hesitate to stop by if you’re in the neighborhood. You’ll be blown away at the service you receive and the knowledge of our staff.

Ready for your motorcycle stereo system installation? Give us a call at (858) 569-0777 or complete our contact form and we will reach out to you.

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