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Want to Upgrade Your 4x4's Sound? Read This First.

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Our Guide to How to Approach Powersport Audio Upgrades

There’s really no experience more thrilling than ripping up dirt roads behind the wheel of a powerful 4x4. It combines all the best elements of the driving experience: pure speed and challenging terrain with a touch of danger. Add the right soundtrack on top of it and you’re in for the ride of your life. There’s just one small little problem…no matter how high you crank the dial, you can’t seem to hear your music over the rev of the engine and the sound of the tires ripping through dirt. Not to worry, though. This is a common problem that UTV drivers deal with all the time, and San Diego Car Stereo has outfitted plenty of off-roaders with the equipment they need so they can hear their soundtracks with crystal clear playback.

So, where to begin? What are the main components of a UTV sound system that should be top of mind when upgrading? Let’s break this down.

Powersport Audio Basics – Always Start with a Reliable Source Unit

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to play music from a CD, a portable USB drive, or streaming from your smartphone, having a high-quality source unit is an absolute must. Not only does the source unit of your UTV audio system need to crank out high-quality playback on tracks, it needs to be ruggedly built to handle all the bumps and bruises of off-roading at high speeds. In our expert opinion, you’ll want to go with a water- and dust-resistant source unit from one of the industry’s top brands. Yamaha, Hertz, and JL Audio all offer powersport audio source units that can keep up with any bumpy off-road trail you throw at it.

When it comes to UTV audio installation, the best course of action is to consult with experts who can ensure your particular unit is a match for your off-road vehicle. The pros at San Diego Car Stereo can help you do that.

Powersport Audio Sound – Speaker Pods and Sound Bars

When looking into speaker options for your UTV or other off-road vehicle, there are two key things to keep in mind. The first is the quality of the speaker; whatever you end up going with will need to be powerful enough to cut through all the noise of your UTV’s engine, the wind, and the sound of your tires. The second – and possibly more important thing – is mounting. We cannot stress this enough…if your speaker pods or sound bars aren’t properly mounted, you run the risk of adding distortion to your music and potentially damaging the equipment.

To get around these issues, we suggest you check out your speaker pods and sound bars in person so you can test them out first. Although online shopping is convenient, you’ll be glad that you sampled your speakers in-person first before buying them. It’ll give you 100% certainty that they’re up to the task of off-roading. Additionally, you can speak with an audio pro about your mounting options. In most cases, you can securely mount your speakers to the roll bars of the UTV. However, some speakers have vehicle-specific mounts that are tailor made for your variety of UTV. This ensures a perfect fit where you won’t need to worry about rattling or looseness.

Powersport Audio Amplifiers – Give Your Sound a Boost

Many cars can get away with not having an amp because the sound is contained and you’re not battling with engine or road noise quite as much. In the case of UTVs, off-roading vehicles, motorcycles, and marine vehicles, the situation is different. A powered amp is essential if you want to cut through all the competing noise of the road and the engine. It’s also how you’re going to get the most out of your speakers or sound bar.

When buying an amp, make sure the RMS capacity matches your speakers. On top of that, you’ll want to go with an amp that is ruggedly built and made to withstand things like rain, dirt, and mud. Trust us on this, a good amp really brings out the full potential of a powersport audio system.

Upgrade Your Powersport Audio System Today at San Diego Car Stereo

Although we’re perhaps best known for tricking out rides and outfitting vehicles with some of the best aftermarket car stereos, speakers, subs, and other sound equipment – we definitely know how to bring out the best in your UTV’s sound quality. The best way to do this is by stopping by our shop in person. Once we know what type of off-road vehicle you have and your budget, we can walk you through which products are going to be best suited for your powersport audio system.

You can visit our shop directly at 4220 Convoy St. located right here in sunny San Diego. If you’d like to make an appointment, call us at (858) 879-8049 or message us using the contact form on our website.

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