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The top car rims for you depend a lot on what your priorities are. If you do research either online or by visiting retail outlets and talking to customer service representatives, you will probably get a list of the same few manufacturers in the top spots. Of course, one must consider that the intended usage of the wheel design will have a bearing on the respective placement or preference on a ranking list.

Regardless, there is mutual agreement on the leading brands: Volk Racing, American Racing, Enkei, BBS, Konig, and OZ continue to populate best-of lists in various ranking positions from year to year.


Volk Racing is the manufacturer of the TE37 model wheel, which is an all-aluminum, forge-made wheel. It’s an exceptionally lightweight product that features a great-looking six-spoke design while retaining durability and toughness. The wheels come in a wide range of colors and are available in sizes from 13 to 19 inches, so finding one that is a good look for your car is easy.


The Torq Thrust wheel from American Racing is a two-piece wheel built with cast aluminum center welded to a forged aluminum outer rim. These are one of the more reasonably priced wheels - usually less than $200. With its vintage five-spoke design, the look of the wheel harkens back to a time when hot rods prowled the roads and tracks. It is available in a wide range of sizes and distinctive finishes.


The engineers at Enkei developed an innovative manufacturing process that makes the RP03 one of the best wheels on the market. It combines a one-piece cast process with a rim forming technology that they call a spinning process. The RP03 has a unique looking design with 5 spokes that reach to the outer edge of the rim in a concave design. The wheels are available in Silver, Chrome, and Matte Black in 17-, 18-, and 19-inch sizes.


The German company BBS is a manufacturer that produces wheels in a forged aluminum process with a cross-spoke design that is certainly eye-catching. These wheels were initially designed for Formula 1 racing, so they are a high-quality durable wheel. The wheels are available in a Brilliant Silver or Gold finish in sizes of 19 and 20 inches.


The Konig Hypergram wheel is manufactured using the Enkei manufacturing process through a licensing arrangement between the two companies. The Hypergram is made of light alloy material and has an intricate 12-spoke design that forms a strong backbone design for added durability in a lightweight wheel. The wheel is available in Matte Grey, Bronze, Metallic Carbon, and Candy Apple Red in sizes 15, 17, 18, and 19 inches.


The OZ Ultraleggera is an Italian Racing wheel that is designed with good looks and performance in mind. As one of the best rims on the market, this wheel was inspired by Formula 1 racing designs with ultra-lightweight alloy material cast using low-pressure casting and gravity technology. This wheel has a six double-spoke design that is available in eleven finishes ranging from Matte Black to Candy Apple Red and is available in 19- and 20-inch sizes.


There are many other popular wheel models from many more manufacturers available on the market, and the wheels noted above represent a consensus of different sources with a synopsis of each of the models.

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