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San Diego Car Stereo Brand Spotlight: Kenwood

A Breakdown of One of the Industry’s Best Car Audio Brands

San Diego Car Stereo has been in the car audio game for a very long time, which means we know which brands are exceptional and which don’t make the cut. Brands that are exceptional produce quality sound year after year without degrading in performance or reliability. When customers come in asking what the most popular car audio brands are, it’s always a safe bet to include Kenwood products at the top of the list.

A Brief Backstory on the Kenwood Brand

Originally launched in 1946 as the Kasuga Radio Co. Ltd. in Japan, the company was later renamed the Trio Corporation in the 1960s. However, the company wanted to go with a different name for their American audience, which is how the Kenwood name was eventually introduced. It wasn’t long before Kenwood’s name recognition surpassed that of Trio, and it was decided that the company would fully rebrand to Kenwood after some corporate maneuvering.

It was a smart decision. Kenwood went on to become one of the leading manufacturers of car audio, hi-fi home audio, personal audio devices, professional two-way radio communications equipment, and amateur radio equipment.

In October 2008, Kenwood merged with JVC to form a new holding company, which was named JVCKenwood. However, many car audio professionals and industry folks still refer to them by their old name because they continue to release products with just Kenwood on them. Kenwood remains one of the top brands for car speaker systems and other car audio here at San Diego Car Stereo.

Kenwood Car Audio Highlights

If all we could do is sell Kenwood products, we would still be in pretty good shape here at San Diego Car Stereo. That's because Kenwood manufactures a wide array of multimedia receivers, amplifiers, car speaker systems, and more.

Although Kenwood is a brand that you really can't go wrong with in terms of product quality, performance, and reliability, there are a few standouts that warrant individual attention. For instance, the Kenwood DNX997XR navigation DVD receiver with Bluetooth and HD radio is a product we always feel confident recommending because it is jam-packed with every single feature you could possibly want with a few left over to spare. Some of the highlights include:

  • Garmin Navigation with 3D terrain view

  • 6.8" HD monitor with touch-responsive screen

  • High-Resolution audio wireless

  • Wireless mirroring for Android

  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

  • USB mirroring for iPhone and Android

  • 4 Camera Inputs / HD Rear Camera Ready

  • Built-in Bluetooth, HD Radio & WiFi

  • 3 Preouts 5V

Remember, in addition to selling Kenwood multimedia receivers, we also provide professional car stereo installation so that you can start enjoying your products as soon as you buy them.

One other noteworthy product that we want to point out is the XR-1701 high-resolution audio certified 6-1/2" 2-way speaker. The thing that we love about this two-way speaker is that it redefines immersive high-resolution audio. Listeners will immediately notice that their high frequencies are crisper, while their low frequencies come through more powerful.

It's a great all-around speaker that also happens to be highly affordable and ultra-durable. The glass fiber cone makes this one of the best constructed pieces of car audio Kenwood has released under its banner.

Finally, we would be doing the Kenwood brand a disservice if we didn't at least mention their wide array of products that they offer in marine audio. Those who are ramping up for boat season are encouraged to check out Kenwood's expansive line of speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and other marine audio products that are made to take the bumps and bruises of the high seas while delivering high-quality sound.

Upgrade Your Marine and Car Audio to a Kenwood at San Diego Car Stereo

The best part about being a trusted retailer for Kenwood is that we carry the majority of their products right here in the shop at San Diego Car Stereo. Whether you’re needing car audio installation or an upgrade to your marine craft – we have you covered. Pay us a visit, and we'll be happy to show you some of the top performing products that Kenwood offers.

Remember, we can install any car audio or marine audio product that you purchase from us. For marine crafts, our team can be sent out directly to where you're docked at your convenience. Working with San Diego Car Stereo is easy!

Our shop is located at 4220 Convoy St. in San Diego. Feel free to call us at (858) 682-0032. You can also email us directly using the contact form on our website for questions or to make an appointment.

We look forward to showing you how Kenwood can elevate your car audio experience.

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