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Our High-Quality Car DVD Players Are Available Now - Just in Time for a Summer Road Trip

rear seat dvd player

Install a DVD Player in Your Car and Give Your Passengers Premier Entertainment Options

Road trips make the summer better. It’s that simple. There’s nothing like being on the open road with a great playlist, something cool to drink, and the wind in your hair. It almost seems like time stops for a minute when you’re free to go where you please, far away from the stresses of day-to-day life.

If this is the year you want to make your road trip experience even more memorable, San Diego Car Stereo has a recommendation that could transform your plans entirely. Now that the cost of installing a DVD player in your car is accessible to almost anyone, in-car entertainment will take your road trip game up a notch.

Imagine the peace and quiet you’ll enjoy when your kids in the backseat watch their favorite streaming apps on the road while you drive - and leave your smartphone alone. If it’s a long trip, your driving partner might even want to stretch out in the third row and binge a show. Being able to offer entertainment to your backseat passengers is true luxury, and when you install a car DVD player, that luxury is yours.

However, keep in mind that road trip season is almost in full swing, and many of our customers are taking us up on our advice. Our installation schedule is filling up fast, so be sure to book with us before your next big trip. Once you’re completely prepared with the right car upgrades, we know you’re in for your best adventure yet.

Our State-of-the-Art Car DVD Players Provide Luxury-Level Entertainment Options

Nothing quite says “upgrade” like installing a DVD player in your car. You may already have the car audio system, incredible speakers, an amplifier, subwoofers, and the perfect interior, but being able to access entertainment at any moment is truly a next-level item.

At San Diego Car Stereo we install Voxx Electronics products that bring video entertainment to life in your vehicle, including:

  • 10.1” rear-seat and flip-down, hi-def DVD players

  • Dual seat-back and head-rest systems

  • 9” and 10.1” universal seat-back systems

Each of these car DVD player systems offers superior video and audio performance with connectivity to your smartphone, so you can select from whichever apps you love for movies, TV shows, sports, and music to showcase on your screens. You can even program two separate shows on your dual seat-back or headrest systems - complete with audio zoning - so that your passengers can simultaneously enjoy their own choice of entertainment.

Not only are these options high performing, the cost of installing a DVD player in the car today is as affordable as ever. When you pair this with our shop’s extremely competitive prices, special financing, and regular deals, ensuring your passengers are entertained for the entire ride seems like the smartest aftermarket upgrade you can buy. Road trip season is underway, so be sure to schedule with San Diego Car Stereo’s expert technicians to have any of our car DVD player options seamlessly installed.

Turn Any Trip into an Entertaining Experience with a Car DVD Player

You don’t even need to have a road trip planned to enjoy a car DVD player. Imagine this scenario: you’re out with your kids and they’re tired of sitting. They’re complaining about their seatbelts, they’re hot, and they’re starting to whine. What if you could simply flip on one of their favorite shows or a movie to keep them occupied and entertained?

Or imagine this: you and your significant other are picking up friends for dinner. They’ll be sitting in the back seat, and you want to set the tone for the night. What about putting on music - along with music videos - right in the back seat? You’ve suddenly turned a ride downtown into a full-service entertainment package.

There never needs to be a dull moment on the road again when you install a car DVD player in your car. You can turn the entire car into a home theater and give your passengers an entertainment experience to remember. Great for carpooling your kids, setting a mood for your guests, or for a long road trip, this is an upgrade you don’t want to skip.

When you buy from San Diego Car Stereo, the cost of installing a car DVD player is well within reach. Get on our schedule now, so you can enjoy in-car entertainment throughout the summer and beyond.

Visit us at 4220 Convoy St. in San Diego, send us a message online, or give us a call at (858) 569-0777. We hope you enjoy every road trip of the summer with the best car audio gear on the market today!

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