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Our Favorite Rear Seat Entertainment Options to Install Before Family Vacation

There’s So Much More to Choose From Than Car DVD Players!

A family vacation road trip is the opportunity to spend quality time together with your loved ones without the distractions of everyday life. A road trip allows for flexibility and the opportunity to make impromptu stops and detours along the way, and there's a sense of adventure and excitement that comes with exploring new places and experiencing new things together.

Not every stretch of road is jaw dropping, though, so many vacationers look for alternative in-car entertainment options to keep the kids happy when there’s downtime. Range Rovers, BMWs, and Mercedes family cars often include an in-car DVD player or headrest DVD player in their higher trim level packages, but if your vehicle didn’t come with a DVD player for the car, San Diego Car Stereo can install a system for you that perfectly complements your vehicle’s interior.

Why a Headrest-Mounted Car DVD Player?

Physical media, like DVDs and Blurays, are useful in the car because they don’t require an internet connection to function. You can pop in a favorite DVD and never have to worry about the speed of your Wi-Fi connection, so at the very least, DVD players in the car act as the perfect backup for when you’re on stretches of road where you can’t get a signal.

Portable DVD players have poor battery life, and they make for a cluttered vehicle full of wires. If you own a luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes, BMW, or Range Rover, it feels much better to use a headrest-mounted LED screen so the rear seat is free from cables and charging equipment. Power comes from your vehicle, so there’s no worrying about chargers. And with a dual seat-back entertainment system, multiple rear-seat passengers can watch different content at the same time, so there are no arguments!

What Are the Best Rear-Seat Entertainment Systems?

San Diego Car Stereo is an expert in rear-seat entertainment system installation. Typically, we prefer VOXX Electronics Corporation rear-seat systems, as they have over 20 years of experience developing the most technologically advanced systems for luxury vehicles.

We often recommend 9-inch seat-back models for smaller luxury vehicles, as this size almost universally looks great in a car. For larger vehicles, we recommend 10.1-inch seat-back entertainment systems. An alternative is a roof-mounted 10.1-inch high-definition LED-backlit monitor with a built-in DVD player.

Beyond the Car DVD Player

Of course, entertainment has long since surpassed the humble DVD. Most modern in-car entertainment systems include DVD or Blu-ray as a way to ensure you always have media available, but there are additional options, too, even without constant Internet connectivity. For example, all our preferred systems support HDMI and MHL inputs, so you can directly connect your screens to onboard movie and TV libraries, smartphones, or even game consoles. The sky's the limit.

Through the use of an app on your phone, you can control the content on each of the screens without having to look at them. The front-seat passenger driver can set up movies or TV for each of the screens while on the go, for instance. You can keep an eye on what your kids are watching, or guide them to educational content you believe to be the most appropriate for your trip.

You can pair your headrest DVD player with Bluetooth headsets, allowing your rear-seat passengers to hear their movies, TV, or music in perfect clarity. It also removes the distraction of sound from your driving, making road trips less stressful. It’s particularly useful to pair in-car entertainment systems with Bluetooth headphones when you have multiple screens, as it means two or more passengers can view different channels at the same time without issue.

Extending the Functionality with Internet Connectivity

Finally, it’s important to recognize how much extra power you can get from an in-car entertainment system when it connects to the Internet via your in-car Wi-Fi. This allows passengers to stream content directly from streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, and Disney+. Most rear-seat entertainment systems are Android-based, meaning they support thousands of apps from the Google Play Store, including apps for streaming media providers.

Many systems allow your passengers to mirror their phone or tablet screens on the rear-seat screen, giving them complete control over what’s displayed. It’s an extremely versatile system, and with all this entertainment at your kids’ fingertips, there won’t be any potential for boredom on your next trip.

Find the Best Car DVD Player at San Diego Car Stereo

Visit our shop on Convoy Street in San Diego to learn more about our rear-seat entertainment options before your next family road trip. One of our technicians can show you how each system works and help you get it installed quickly and professionally.

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