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New Year, New Car Stereo System!

Top 5 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Car Audio in 2022

As you get ready to ride into the new year, it’s time to ditch your old car CD player and upgrade your car stereo system. The right audio components can make an enormous difference in your drive by enhancing your favorite music and eliminating annoying road noise. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, because we have you covered with these top 5 ways to upgrade your car audio for the new year!

Start Upgrading Your Car Stereo System With a New Head Unit

If you know little about car audio installation, then the term “head unit” might seem technical. However, you're way more familiar with head units than you think, because it’s been how you’ve been controlling your car speakers the entire time you’ve known how to drive. Older models may have head units that have features like simple buttons and knobs to control things like the radio station, treble, bass, and a CD player.

New head units are packed with infotainment features that allow you to play your favorite music, display navigation, and even let you control the interior lighting in your automobile at the touch of a button. The car audio installation experts at San Diego Car Stereo can find a new head unit that’s the perfect match for your vehicle. Let us upgrade your listening experience with Bluetooth car stereos that have ApplePlay, Android Auto, navigation, and more!

Hear the High Notes In Your Car Audio By Getting Tweeters

Did you know the stock speakers in your car can’t play the high notes in your favorite music with real clarity? In fact, your factory car audio system can’t reproduce female voices, sound effects, and the sounds of musical instruments, like the violin, the way they should be heard. In order to really hear the high notes, you need tweeters.

Tweeters are small car speakers that pack a punch when it comes to high-frequency sound. They operate at the highest end of human hearing, which is about 5 to 20 kHz. This allows you to hear details in music you might not have noticed when you were listening to your factory car speakers.

These special speakers are directional, which means it matters where they’re installed. To get optimal performance from your tweeters, take your vehicle to San Diego Car Stereo. Our experts know everything there is about car audio installation and can easily identify where to put your tweeters.

Bring on the Bass in Your Car Stereo With Subwoofers

You can’t appreciate the high notes without digging deep for bass that has a real impact. Your factory car speakers can play minimal bass, but can’t push out the low notes that turn heads and impress passengers. Plus, regular car speakers only distort sound when they’re turned up to maximum volume.

The only way to hear super-low bass is by installing a set of subwoofers. They’re built to handle high-pressure levels of sound that produce deep and provocative bass. Like tweeters, it matters where you install your subs, so make sure you always get a professional to install your car stereo system.

If you’re looking for the best car stereo installation near you, turn to the experts at San Diego Car Stereo. We can help you pick out the perfect subs and tweeters for your ride, so you can listen to a full range of sound during your daily drive. Don’t forget to ask us about amplifiers to power your new car stereo system, too!

Consider Sound Damping for an Ambient Commute

Most of the noise on your commute doesn’t come from other drivers, it comes from the sound of your tires meeting the road and the wind zipping past your car. This road noise can be loud and you might find yourself turning up the volume on your car stereo system to an uncomfortable level. Even worse, it could interfere with conversations between you and your passengers.

Thankfully, sound damping is the perfect way to reduce annoying road noise and quiet your commute. It works by adding durable insulation to your floorboards and car doors, so noises from driving are absorbed. You can also install sound damping to prevent rattling noises and vibration from entering the interior of your car.

The professionals at San Diego Car Stereo can easily identify spots in your car that are making noise. Just tell our team what issue you're experiencing, and we’ll install sound damping in the appropriate spots in your vehicle to solve the problem.

It’s Not All About the Interior

Having a sweet car stereo is awesome, but take your aftermarket upgrades a step further by getting your windows tinted. You can find a variety of shades and finishes to suit your style, and block out the sun’s harmful rays. Not to mention, window tinting prevents glare and gives you extra privacy while you’re in your car.

You can also upgrade your vehicle with interior LED lighting that provides an ultra-ambient atmosphere. Control the lighting in your car with your smartphone via Bluetooth with ColorSMART by Race Sport Lighting, or check out options from Heisse if you like to take things off-road.

Turn Up the Volume With Car Stereo System Upgrades From San Diego Car Stereo

For window tinting, car stereo upgrades, remote starts, and more auto enhancements, contact the expert installers at San Diego Car Stereo. We have everything you need to ramp up or quiet down your ride for the new year.

To ask our team questions about our services or schedule an appointment, call us at (858) 569-0777 or contact us online. San Diego Car Stereo has sound solutions for your boat. Ask a team member about marine audio installation, so you can enjoy a sound system meant for the elements!

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