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Car Stereo System Features to Look For

Updated: Mar 29

The Top Seven Bells and Whistles to Get with Your New Stereo

A new car stereo system can completely change the vibe in your ride.

It’s no secret that modern car stereo systems are jam-packed with all sorts of features. They’re not unlike smartphones in that regard. In fact, many car stereo systems are getting to the point where their feature lists are getting difficult to keep up. That’s why we’re taking the time to put together a list of the top features to look for in your new car stereo system.

1 – Touchscreen Display

There’s no reason to mess with buttons and knobs anymore. Not now when touchscreen displays have officially become the new standard in car audio. If you’ve never used one before in a car, think of it like an iPad or other favorite tablet device that’s installed right in your center console. It’s highly responsive, low profile, and allows you to customize your main menu and apps just the way that you like them.

2 – Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

The cool thing about Apple CarPlay/Android Auto is that it provides the type of phone integration that regular Bluetooth pairing simply cannot match. Rather than pairing remotely and issuing commands through your phone, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto is a true connection which allows you to access all your favorite apps, maps, streaming services, messages, contacts, and much more. It’s essentially like having your phone put up on a large touchscreen.

Another huge benefit of Apple CarPlay/Android Auto is the safety aspect. Using a touchscreen stereo is far safer than fumbling around with your cell phone while driving. Additionally, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto allows drivers to issue voice commands so that they can keep both hands on the wheel.

3 – Multiple EQ Settings

EQ settings are what allow drivers to customize their listening experience to their exact preferences. Maybe there’s a track where you want to hear more of the vocals by dialing back the bass. Or perhaps you want to pump up the mids and the highs. Having an adjustable EQ allows you to do just that, creating the ultimate listening experience.

4 – Camera Input/Backup Cameras

Backup cameras are super convenient for those that drive big vehicles or simply need an extra pair of eyes while backing into a space. Many modern car stereos these days come with special inputs so that you can get cameras installed on your front and rear bumpers. If you’ve got kids that tend to leave stuff out in the driveway or trash cans that are low to the ground, backup cameras are great for giving drivers a heads-up before they make contact.

5 – Internal Amp

Your sound quality is going to increase when you upgrade from a factory stereo to an aftermarket – no doubt about it. You will immediately notice better sound quality along with the ability to go much louder than before. Internal amps are the proverbial cherry on top when it comes to sound. Not only will they give your already powerful sound a boost, they will also allow your aftermarket speakers to reach their full potential.

6 – Satellite Radio

Satellite radio is the ultimate listening experience. It provides drivers with the widest selection of content possible that covers every genre of music, sports broadcasts (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, and more), comedy, politics, and more. Additionally, satellite radio is renowned for its superior quality over standard AM/FM radio. You shouldn’t hear a lick of static, no matter what part of the country you’re traveling in.

7 – DVD Player

If you’re traveling cross-country, nothing helps pass the time like a movie. With a DVD player built into your car stereo system, you’ll be able to connect to rear seat entertainment monitors installed on the back of your front row headrests. This is great for drivers who have kids and need to pull out the big guns to keep them distracted.

Upgrade Your Car Stereo System Today at San Diego Car Stereo

If you’re finally ready to pull the trigger on a brand-new system, the good news is that San Diego Car Stereo has some of the widest selection of car audio, car speakers, Bluetooth car stereos and more. We carry aftermarket products from the industry’s leading top brands and our team of professionals can handle the car audio installation.

If you’ve been looking for car stereo installation near you, come visit the pros at San Diego Car Stereo. We’re conveniently located at 4220 Convoy St. in San Diego. You can also call us at (858) 569-0777 or email us directly using our contact form.

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