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Brand Spotlight: Memphis Audio

Getting to Know One of Car Audio’s Best Brands

When you've been in the car audio business for as long as we have, you learn to appreciate the brands that consistently bring their best work to the table year after year. This establishes consistency with retailers and consumers alike, which is why we love Memphis Audio here at San Diego Car Stereo.

Although they may not have the same name brand recognition as JVC or Sony, Memphis Audio is definitely in the same category as any top tier audio manufacturer. Not only do they produce some of the best car audio in the game, but they also make some of the best marine audio and powersport audio we’ve ever seen.

Let's get to know a little bit more about Memphis Audio.

About Memphis Audio

Memphis Audio was originally founded in 1965, deep in the heart of Memphis, TN (hence, the name). They consider the “M” symbol in their logo as a point of pride and badge of quality. It has appeared on several iconic amplifiers and subwoofers used by some of the most prominent musicians in the country. Since their humble beginnings, Memphis Audio has always made a point to only partner with the very best independent dealers across the country.

In short, Memphis Audio doesn't do business with just anybody. You need to show the same commitment to high-quality audio that they do, which is why we here at San Diego Car Stereo are proud to be a trusted retailer of one of the nation's most iconic brands.

Memphis Audio Car Audio Highlights

When we say that Memphis audio is a brand that does it all - we mean it. Their catalog of products is massive, which makes it easy for brand loyalists to completely outfit their vehicles with a comprehensive Memphis Audio sound system. Their list of car audio products includes:

  • Amplifiers

  • Subwoofers

  • Speakers

  • Bass systems (with enclosures)

  • Connections (for car audio accessories and lighting)

  • Signal processors

Although Memphis Audio is one of those brands that you can't really go wrong with in terms of product quality and performance, there are a few standouts in their catalog. Most notably, their SIXFIVE series subwoofer can handle up to 2200w RMS and is touted as one of the most advanced, refined, and powerful subwoofers ever created. Considering what we know about this particular sub, we’re not inclined to disagree.

We also love what they're doing in the car speaker space as well. Car audio enthusiasts will have their choice between component speakers and coaxial speakers. Although the component speaker set up is a great choice and makes for an easy install, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t go with the component speakers. They make for a much richer and nuanced listening experience.

If you need help selecting Memphis Audio car audio products, simply speak with one of the professionals at San Diego Car Stereo. If you happen to be doing car stereo installation, we can figure out the perfect speaker configuration that will pair up with your head unit.

Memphis Audio - Marine Audio and More

Most car audio manufacturers stick with car audio. There’s only a rare few that can extend their reach into other spaces. Memphis Audio is one of those rare few. The amazing products they’ve released in the marine audio space have totally changed the landscape in how we think about sound systems and how they can be integrated into marine crafts.

Memphis Audio manufactures the following marine audio products:

  • Marine amplifiers

  • Marine speakers

  • Marine tower speakers

  • Marine subwoofers

  • Marine Bluetooth solutions

  • Marine lighting

  • Marine connections and processors

In addition to all the high-quality marine audio and lighting products that Memphis Audio produces, they also carry a full offering of audio products for powersports vehicles as well. This means that whether you’re on the road, the trails, or traveling by sea – there’s a Memphis Audio system that can be integrated into your vehicle of choice.

Upgrading Your Marine, Powersport, or Car Audio with Memphis Audio

The best part about being a trusted retailer for Memphis Audio products is that we carry the majority of their catalog right here at San Diego Car Stereo. Whether you’re needing car audio installation or an upgrade to your boat or powersport vehicle - we have you covered.

Simply swing by our shop, which is located at 4220 Convoy St. in San Diego or call us at (858) 682-0032. You can also email us directly using the contact form on our website for questions or to make an appointment.

We look forward to showing you how Memphis Audio can elevate your ride.

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