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8 Best Valentine’s Day Locales to Visit in San Diego

The San Diego Car Stereo Team Weighs In On Where to Take Your Date in Your Upgraded Ride

Planning a special Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a chore. With the pressure officially on to make a special evening for your significant other, consider our team’s ideas for eight of the most romantic, hip, exciting locales for this holiday. Don’t forget to stop in to San Diego Car Stereo to get your ride ready for the big day.

Prepare a Picnic on the Beach 

Pack a picnic lunch or dinner and head to your favorite beach for a romantic meal in the sand. Prepare a meal yourself, or choose your favorite carryout spot. Don’t forget to include a beach blanket in your basket.Don’t want to plan the picnic yourself? Ask the pros! Pop Up Picnic Co in San Diego brings the food, drinks, decor, and ambiance with their full-service experiences.

Put Your Car Stereo Upgrades to Good Use at a Drive-In Movie

Now that your ride is equipped with a state-of-the-art stereo from the very best in San Diego car audio, you and your date can experience a unique way to enjoy a movie on the most romantic day of the year. The crisp audio quality from your car stereo means you won’t miss a single sound in the latest blockbuster, even without the movie theater’s high-tech speaker system.

Hop Into a Hot Air Balloon

Head to Temecula on your recently upgraded wheels and rims from San Diego Car Stereo to take your love on the ride of a lifetime in a hot air balloon. Numerous hot air balloon tours are available in the area, including wine tasting or a sunrise ascent into the skies! Be sure to book well in advance to reserve your spot.

Hit the Trail in Your Off-Road UTV

Although off-roading in a UTV doesn’t sound romantic to everyone, if you and your sweetie are fans, hit the trails or dunes on Valentine’s Day! Before you head out, upgrade your UTV’s sound system with a package from top brands like JL Audio, Kenwood, Alpine, or Metra so you can make the day even more special with your own personal soundtrack. Read about our favorite trails on our blog.

Take a Romantic Cruise in San Diego Bay

There’s almost nothing as romantic as a boat cruise on the water with spectacular views of the San Diego Bay! You can get tickets to a Valentine’s Day cruise event from a local tour company, or take your sweetheart out in your own boat.If you’re using your own boat, be sure to spruce up the interior with impactful LED lighting and marine audio equipment from San Diego Car Stereo before you go. Don’t forget the roses, chocolates, champagne, and charcuterie board, too!

Plan a Spa Day

Face it - everyone loves to be pampered. That’s why an ideal Valentine’s Day excursion to a day spa can be the perfect gift for your loved one. Make the day extra special by accompanying your sweetie to a couple’s massage, facial, and pedicure. En route to the spa, play soothing music on your car stereo

Take a Gondola Ride

Gondola Company in Coronado offers their take on Venice right here in our local area. Schedule a 50-minute private gondola cruise, where you’ll enjoy your own private vessel as a skilled gondolier moves you through the water. Romantic, Italian-style music is included to set the vibe, but you can add on upgrades, such as food and champagne or a live musician. Looking to propose this Valentine’s Day? Gondola Company also offers special proposal cruises!

Experience Fine Dining

Bite into a fresh take on French cooking at Jeune et Jolie, where the head chef incorporates Caribbean, Vietnamese, and African influences into classics like mussels, frog legs, and Wagyu beef, all in a four-course menu. The restaurant, whose name translates to “young and beautiful,” lives up to just that, with its “Insta-glam” vibe, according to Condé Nast. They serve dinner Wednesday through Sunday from 5 to 10 p.m. in Carlsbad - so gas up your ride and set the mood with romantic music on the drive over from San Diego.

Get Your Ride Ready at San Diego Car Stereo

When it comes to audio installation near you, San Diego Car Stereo is here to help, especially when you’re ready to make Valentine’s Day extra special for the one you love. Whether you’re looking for car stereo upgrades, window tint for added privacy, or new wheels to improve the performance of your ride, our expert technicians can help you check off boxes on your upgrade to-do list!

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