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4 Reasons You Need Paint Protection Film in California

It’s Virtually a Necessity for Luxury Vehicles in San Diego

Paint protection film, affectionately known as PPF, is a thin, transparent film made of polyurethane and applied to a vehicle’s exterior. This film is designed to protect the paint from chips, scratches, and other damage that can occur during everyday driving.

You can apply paint protection film to the entire exterior surface of your car, or only in key areas, such as around your front bumper.

Most people who want to see some longevity out of their car’s base paint job use the best paint protection film for the job because they know these four reasons for having it installed in southern California.

Paint Protection FIlm Helps to Prevent Paint Damage

The most apparent benefit of paint protection film is that it protects the paint from damage. Whether you're driving your Mercedes on rough roads, navigating through a construction zone, or simply getting in and out of your car, paint protection film can help to prevent chips, scratches, and other types of minor damage that can ruin the appearance of your vehicle.

Remember that car paint protection film isn’t immune to projectiles, but most of the time, the film absorbs the brunt of the force, keeping your paint job intact. The film will prevent small scratches and can take the brunt of light dings. However, a fender bender, gouge, or powerful door ding that affects the body panels of your car cannot be prevented by paint protection film.

Preserve the Value of Your Vehicle with Paint Protection Film

Another important reason to invest in paint protection film is that it can help preserve your vehicle’s value - an investment in itself. By protecting the paint from damage like surface scratches and minor chips, you can keep your car looking new for longer. Pristine paint condition helps to maintain your luxury vehicle’s value when it comes time to sell it or trade it in for a newer model. In the end, paint protection film will likely pay for itself, especially if it helps keep your BMW, Tesla, or Aston-Martin looking fresh from the factory. With paint protection film, your vehicle is more likely to remain in the “Excellent Condition” category, meaning you’ll get approximately 15% more for your car when you choose to sell it than if it was merely in a “Very Good” condition. This more than covers the original paint protection cost, making it a worthwhile decision.

The Best Paint Protection Film Is Easy to Maintain

A major advantage of car paint protection film is that it's easy to maintain, especially if you choose film from the top brands and have it professionally installed. The best paint protection film is transparent and virtually invisible, so it won't change the appearance of your vehicle. And because it's durable and scratch-resistant, it's easy to keep clean. Simply wash and care for your vehicle as normal; it can even go through automatic car washes, as long as you let it cure for 48 hours after installation.

Car Paint Protection Film Is Easy to Remove - and Replace

Paint protection film should be considered a sacrificial layer, meaning it’s designed to take a beating while protecting the paint beneath. It’s not intended to last forever, particularly in a vehicle used every day, and sees more than its fair share of grit and grime.

Realistically, this protective coating lasts for five to 10 years. If you want to replace the film, removal is easy; paint protection film can be peeled off without damaging your car’s paint, and a new film can be applied the very same day.

Always Opt for Professional Paint Protection Film Installation in San Diego, California

You’d never perform a DIY mechanical upgrade on your Lexus or Miata, so why would you attempt to install paint protection film?

A professional installer will reduce the appearance of necessary seams and edges, custom-cutting every piece to fit vehicle panels in a clean, debris-free environment. This keeps your paint protection film looking pristine and perfect from the very beginning - and your paint protection cost will decrease because you won’t need to purchase extra materials in the event of a mistake.

Residents of southern California can find paint protection film and warrantied installation from expert technicians at San Diego Car Stereo, conveniently located at 4220 Convoy Street. We’re looking forward to helping you protect your luxury vehicle, so its paint job remains intact for decades. Come shop, no appointment needed, and learn more about your options to keep your car looking great.

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