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Method Race Wheels

Wheels and Rims Rooted in Racing

When you think of Method Race Wheels you think of big names in racing like Blake Wilkey and Travis Pastrana that have raced professionally under their banner. You think of high-octane off-road action in front of thousands of cheering fans. But just because Method Race Wheels are considered one of the best wheel brands for the pros, that doesn’t mean they can’t set up your daily commuter with a slick pair of custom car rims and wheels. What’s cool about Method Race Wheels is that it’s all about being lighter, stronger, and faster. Their style is low-key and minimalistic, but still very engaging to the eye. They are one of the most often used brands for wheel and tire packages because drivers know they’re getting a legitimate racing wheel that can go the distance while remaining light and speedy.


The best way to see which Method Race Wheels are best for your ride is to contact the experts at San Diego Car Stereo. When buying wheels and tires, it’s best to figure out which wheel you’re selecting first before moving onto the tire portion of the equation. Simply reach out to our shop and we’ll help you figure out which Method Race Wheels and rims are the perfect match for your ride and budget.

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