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Fuel Off-Road Wheels

Rims and Wheels for Tough Trucks

Originally established in 2009 by MHT Luxury Alloys, Fuel Off-Road Wheels has made a name for itself over the past decade as one of the best wheel brands for trucks and large-capacity vehicles in the industry. Choosing the perfect wheel and tire package can be difficult when it comes to a truck, but Fuel Off-Road Wheels makes choosing the wheels and rims portion easy with their cutting-edge designs, made-to-match sizing, and industry-leading innovations. They pride themselves on being able to provide every off-roader and heavy-duty hauler with a set of wheels that are capable of enduring years of punishment with a smile. Fuel Off-Road Wheels has offerings in both one-piece and two-piece castings that can be purchased in standard chrome or PVD chrome. Although not available as custom car rims, Fuel Off-Road rims and wheels are a perfect match for most sizes of truck, SUV, and all varieties of Jeep, including the Gladiator.


To kick off your Fuel Off-Road shopping experience, get with the experts at San Diego Car Stereo for a consultation. When buying wheels and tires, it’s important to start with the wheel portion first so that the tires can be matched to them. Simply reach out to our shop and we’ll help you figure out which Fuel Off-Road wheels and rims are the perfect match for your ride and budget.

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