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Dub Wheels

The Most Unique Designs of Any Custom Wheel

If you know your slang, then you know that Dub Wheels goes big with their wheels and rims – 20” and beyond. Dub Wheels mean that you’re living large with your wheels, and they offer some of the most truly unique and eclectic styles in the game. Seriously…we’ve never seen designs quite like these. Whereas most wheel and rim manufacturers go with symmetrical and clean designs, Dub Wheels turns that idea on its head by giving us styles and designs that look like they’re right off the walls of a tattoo shop. Their Ragged, Razz, and Vape wheel skirt designs are like nothing we’ve ever seen before. If you want to guarantee that your wheels will turn heads, then Dub Wheels are the way to go. Of course, they do have other designs that appeal to the more conservative low-key types when it comes to designs, but why be understated when you can go over the top?


When you’re discussing which brands have the most unique styles, Dub Wheels is hands-down the best wheel brand in the game by leaps and bounds. They even do a full-line up of spinning rims for your low ride vehicle. And as if custom car rims and wheels weren't enough, Dub Wheels has a full line-up of grilles and steering wheels, so that you can further customize your ride to suit your style.  


Custom car rims don’t get any more unique than this. Just make sure your wheels and tires are a good match for each other since you’re likely going to be upgrading in size when it comes to the wheel.

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