What are the Best Motorcycle Speakers & Audio Systems?

Best motorcycle sound system and speakers.

Car audio equipment and motorcycle audio equipment are not interchangeable, even if you manage to somehow rig up an in-dash receiver and door speakers to your bike. For one, car stereo systems are designed to work in enclosed areas—motorcycle stereos have to contend with the great outdoors and all its accompanying noises. Thanks to ever-progressing technology, there are some fantastic motorcycle speaker systems on the market that will have you rocking out as hard as any top-notch car-specific stereo. Here are some of the best:

BOSS Audio MC600B

One of the most important elements of motorcycle stereos is Bluetooth connectivity, which eliminates the need for CD players, radio dials, and wires to access your music library. BOSS Audio’s MC600B model features some of the best Bluetooth motorcycle speakers around. Not only do the 3-inch chrome-finish speakers look stylish, but they also have a built-in 2-channel amplifier and they’re waterproof. As a bonus, the system comes with a multifunctional wire remote to make song selection a breeze while on the road.

Shark SHKC6800SME

Aesthetics are a key component of the Shark SHKC6800SME speaker system, but as pleasing as the design is to the eye, the sound quality is even more pleasing to the ear. Using Bluetooth connectivity, the built-in FM radio antenna, or an SD card or USB flash drive, your favorite tunes will flow clearly through 1000 watt speakers that can stand up to nearly any noise the road dishes out. Plus, the speakers are completely waterproof in the event you get caught riding in the rain.

Noam NMC4

Most motorcycle stereo systems on the market pump out music just fine with two speakers, so imagine what you could do with four. The Noam NMC4 system comes with a quartet of high-quality, fully waterproof speakers with both Bluetooth connectivity and a 6.5-foot speaker wire to connect to a range of music devices. And although the system is energy efficient, using low power consumption, it delivers clear and loud sound, especially thanks to the “loud volume” feature that overcomes excess road noise.


MTX’s MUDHSB-B handlebar-mounted all-in-one stereo system offers a lot in a little package, including two 2x3 full-range speakers and four 1-inch tweeters for excellent clarity and sound range. Plus, the unit is weather-resistant and supports instant pairing with other devices with a simple touch thanks to NFC chip technology. This in addition to offering regular Bluetooth connectivity and a 3.5mm AUX input and output for adding more speakers if you desire.

Familyus Stereo Sound System

Another all-in-one stereo system designed to mount directly to your handlebars, the Familyus motorcycle stereo is waterproof, Bluetooth connected, accepts USB drives and AUX audio, and comes standard with an FM radio. The two 7-watt speakers provide clear audio with decent power, although reviewers tend to recommend this model for smaller bikes and scooters.

Add a soundtrack to your next motorcycle ride with a new speaker system

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