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Rotiform Wheels

Handmade Custom Rims and Wheels

The work that Rotiform Wheels produces year after year proves that some things are better done by hand. If you haven’t heard of Rotiform before, they operate out of California and are perhaps best known for their hyper-modern and stylish wheels and rims for sporty whips and sedans. Absolutely everything they crank out is designed, built, and assembled under one roof without a single step of outsourcing. Their unique designs and exciting custom-forged options have earned them recognition as one of the best wheel brands – not just in California – but across the nation. Their ability to produce custom car rims and wheels means that the customer has complete control over how the final product turns out, allowing for easier pairing when it comes to wheel and tire packages and getting the size just right. Your Rotiform Wheels will not only look great and turn heads in traffic, they’ll drive like a dream, too.


The best way to kick off your shopping experience with Rotiform wheels is to contact the experts at San Diego Car Stereo. When buying wheels and tires, it’s always a good idea to start with the wheels first so that the tires can be matched to them. Simply reach out to our shop and we’ll help you figure out which Rotiform Wheels and rims are the perfect match for your ride and budget.

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