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Why is Apple CarPlay or Android Auto Better Than Standard Bluetooth?

Updated: Mar 29

5 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade from Bluetooth

At San Diego Car Stereo, we install all the latest and greatest in aftermarket car stereo equipment and accessories including Bluetooth car stereos, car speakers and subwoofers from the industry’s leading top brands, and Apple CarPlay/Android Audio, which has quickly become the crowd favorite in recent years.

And why wouldn’t people love Apple CarPlay/Android Audio? They were both specifically designed to appeal to the smartphone market in which 97% of the American population owns either an Apple or Android device. It’s pretty much a no-brainer. However, there are still some folks out there that have yet to migrate from the good ol’ fashioned Bluetooth (or previous technology) over to Apple CarPlay or Android Audio.

So maybe we can give you a few reasons why you should consider making the upgrade. The following are the top five reasons why you need to make the switch over to Apple CarPlay/Android Audio with your next car stereo installation.

1 – The Dashboard is Like Having a Second Phone Screen (but better)

Previous iterations of Apple CarPlay/Android Auto straight up mirrored whatever was on your screen, but that wasn’t always helpful if you wanted to do two things at once. The technology has since been revamped so that Apple CarPlay/Android Auto displays a crisp and intuitive menu screen that allows drivers to easily navigate in between music, maps, text messages, and more. It’s basically like having a second cell phone screen, but it’s optimized for car usage. The dashboard has three different modes, which means that drivers have plenty of selection when it comes to what kind of layout and look they prefer. You can even customize the wallpaper.

2 – Voice Control Commands

Smartphone users already know all the advantages of being able to ask a question or issue a command to Siri or your Google voice assistant, so why not bring that convenience into your vehicle? Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow you to reap all the benefits of issuing voice commands from behind the wheel so that you can ask for directions, dictate a text, or take a hands-free phone call. What’s great about this is that you’re not fumbling around with your phone when you’re using phone commands. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto encourage safer driving habits.

3 – More Detailed Maps

When you’re driving around in parts unknown, the last thing you want is a delay in navigation or a map that isn’t quite clear on what it’s trying to tell you. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you’ll get the most detailed maps possible that provide easy-to-follow turn-by-turn directions along with cardinal direction, speed limit, estimated arrival time, and real-time traffic alerts. You will even be able to see nearby gas stations, restaurants, and 3-D views of the surrounding buildings in the area.

4 – Car-Specific Settings

The settings that you have on your phone may not necessarily be the ones that you want while driving your car. For instance, you may have your phone set up to notify you of every text, email, and social media notification under the sun; however, when you’re behind the wheel, that can get a little annoying and distracting. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can arrange things so that your settings are just the way you like them while driving your car. Some go-to favorites with drivers are the “do not disturb” feature, dashboard suggestions, and how your screen appears while mobile.

5 – Always Connected Means You’re Always Charging

Although going completely wireless is nice in most cases, we do love the fact that when we use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto we’re always leaving the car with more battery power than when we entered it. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto provide fast charging to your smartphone device, so you can be sure that even a short drive will boost your battery life.

Upgrade to Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Today!

If you’re considering a car audio installation that involves a brand-new in-dash unit, now is the time to make the switch over to Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. The team at San Diego Car Stereo can expertly install your new stereo system along with a kickin’ set of speakers and subs to go along with it. The best way to check things out in person is by giving our shop an in-person visit.

We have the best selection of aftermarket car audio and accessories in the San Diego area. Visit our storefront and we’ll give you the grand tour of all the best products and accessories for your vehicle – including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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