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Why Car Audio Financing Makes It Easy to Get Great Gear Now

Updated: Jan 16

Get Financing Options that Will Help You Take Your Audio to the Next Level

It’s the time of year when you want to do something extra for yourself, especially if you’re planning on taking your vehicle out on the town for holiday parties or an out-of-town getaway. You may even be thinking about hosting guests during the celebrations ahead, and you want that perfect touch with a home audio system. 

This year, our financing options will ensure you don’t have to wait for any of the upgrades that will make this season special. You can give yourself the gift of a new car stereo system, speakers, lighting, car security, Focal Home Audio, and more when you activate our special financing.

San Diego Car Stereo offers financing options that help you get your upgrades installed now, so you can enjoy the season ahead with cash on hand for the holidays. Our shop door is open, and our gear is yours for the purchasing, whether you felt like you were priced out of the latest upgrades or you thought you might have to wait until the new year. 

Come visit us at San Diego Car Stereo today and get exactly what you need with our financing options. We’ve carefully chosen our financing partners to benefit everyone who’s as obsessed with aftermarket upgrades as we are.

Why Special Car Audio Financing Is the Perfect Solution

Financing from San Diego Car Stereo is designed to make the upgrade-buying process easier for you. We want to see our customers acquire the upgrades they want, when they want them. 

Here’s why financing options will work for you during the holiday season:

  1. We know that waiting until you have the cash on hand isn’t always the ideal solution. When you need an upgrade, holding off until everyone else has the same gear takes away from the individuality and exclusive quality of the items you’ve chosen.

  2. Waiting isn’t always an option when you want to experience high-quality audio, lighting, home audio, and more for the holidays. If you don’t buy until the new year, you’re shut off from enjoying the holiday season to the fullest. 

  3. Financing your car stereo system or any other aftermarket upgrade helps you build your credit and allows you to distribute your cash elsewhere. This is preferable to paying right away, which concentrates all your hard-earned money on a single purchase.

  4. It’s important to us that everyone can get their hands on the latest gear. We want to invite everyone who loves aftermarket upgrades into our store, so they can experience the latest technology for their vehicle or home audio system. High-end gear is meant to be enjoyed and financing makes that more attainable for all. 

Visit our store today to finance the gear you need to elevate your riding experience.

Car Audio Financing Options

When you come to San Diego Car Stereo, we can walk you through our list of financing options to ensure the car stereo system, lighting, home audio system, or any of our upgrades can be yours.

  • TEMPOE financing allows you to get the gear you love now without having to worry about whether you have credit. Apply for financing and get leasable upgrades, like a car stereo system. San Diego Car Stereo lets you make monthly, biweekly, or weekly payments on the equipment you want, with an option to purchase after three months.

  • Snap makes getting upgrades easy, even if you have poor credit. You can lease to own today, as 80% of applications are approved. Snap makes your repayment plan easy with their 100-day cash-pay-off plan or easy monthly payments.

  • Synchrony is a popular financing option for electronics, and we’ve ensured they can provide a great financing deal for our customers. 0% interest in the first 48 months makes it a cinch to pay off an incredible aftermarket upgrade.

  • Brand Source is a credit card that provides the financing you want to ensure you can buy and install aftermarket gear today. Keep in mind that you will have to undergo a credit check, as this loan is approved by Citibank. One of the big benefits of credit card financing through Brand Source is that they offer rebates and promotions on certain products.

Find out more when you visit San Diego Car Stereo for all of your aftermarket needs for vehicles and even your home. 

Car Audio Financing Makes It Easy to Own the Best Gear Before the New Year If you’ve been looking for a way to ensure your vehicle or your home is completely upgraded for the holidays and beyond, you can get the gear you want now with help from our financing options

There’s no reason to wait when you can benefit now from the exhilaration that items like a brand-new car stereo system deliver. At San Diego Car Stereo, we’re certain there’s a financing option that will work for you. Come visit us at 4220 Convoy St. in San Diego or give us a call at (858) 569-0777, and we’ll set you up with a special financing plan right away.

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