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What Should I Know About Sound Deadening in My Tesla or Rivian?

Ensure You Get High-Quality Sound Deadening Materials and an Expert Installation

If you own an electric vehicle, you’re probably very familiar with the ins and outs of these incredibly stylish, high-profile cars.

You’re also likely aware that they suffer from a certain downside: cabin noise. Many Tesla and Rivian owners find the interiors of these vehicles noisy, even though both automakers claim to offer a superior acoustic experience inside.

Fortunately, you can improve this aspect of your vehicle, much like any other aftermarket upgrade on the market today. Sound deadening installation for your car is a seamless, effective service that gets rid of exterior noises that detract from your driving experience. This service will keep your interior incredibly quiet, so you can experience the full luxury of your favorite vehicle.

What Is Sound Dampening?

Sound deadening for your car is the process of strategically placing sound-absorbent material, such as a mat or pad, in certain parts of your car to ensure that specific noises are eliminated. The foam-like material absorbs and muffles unwanted sounds.

Sound deadening installation is sought after by those who love car audio and who are looking for the perfect sound without worrying about rattling noises that can sometimes come with a high-decibel stereo system.

Sound deadening material is also used by owners of classic and antique cars whose parts may make a few extra unwanted noises, but whose overall quality and rarity makes the car worth enjoying.

You may just want sound deadening material because there’s a noise or two that you can’t seem to get rid of, even after your car has been maintained by an excellent auto technician.

In the case of electric vehicles, Tesla and Rivian drivers often find themselves frustrated by a humming noise when the motor is charged by the battery and begins to spin.

Many of our EV-driving customers want to make their driving experience as perfect as possible. Sound deadening is a perfect way to eliminate noise and create a calm and sophisticated environment.

The Best Sound Deadening Materials for Tesla or Rivian

Understanding the reasons why you might want sound deadening for your car is important, but knowing what materials to select is essential.

You want to ensure the following about any sound deadening material you select. If you find a product that your local car stereo installation team recommends, ask them about its performance, durability, ease of install, bond, and additional benefits:

  • Performance: Research the sound deadening material you’re interested in and be sure to check out its performance rating. While all deadening material makers boast about their products’ sound-deadening qualities, consider watching videos of sound deadening installs in the model of vehicle you have. There are plenty of these on YouTube to explore.

  • Durability: Check to see if the sound deadening material has a high rating for durability. The last thing you want is deadening material that splits or tears easily.

  • Ease of Installation: Determine whether the material is easy to cut to shape. An excellent install will put your sound deadening material precisely where you need it and that might not be an area with easy right angles. For example, many Tesla and Rivian owners install deadening mats in the trunks of their vehicles, and those, of course, contain curves that require your mats to be cut just right. We recommended that you work with a sound deadening installation team to get the perfect end result.

  • Bond: Read about the bond or hold that the material provides. Many of these products use a self-adhesive for mounting it where you want it to stay, but you want to be sure it sticks for the long run.

  • Additional Benefits: You can also learn more about certain materials’ additional benefits, including thermal padding to insulate your interior cabin. Some consumers don’t like the smell of certain adhesives, and they find this just as noticeable as the humming sound from their motor. Look for an adhesive that has been described as odorless or that hasn’t been negatively reviewed for this reason.

As always, if you let your local aftermarket car upgrade shop select materials for you, it’s highly likely that they’ll come up with a solution that is high-performing, strong, easy to install, and provides more than just noise cancellation. At San Diego Car Stereo, our selection of sound deadening materials is second to none. Let us recommend the perfect material for your vehicle’s needs.

Where to Get the Best Installation for Sound Deadening

After you’ve selected the right material for sound deadening your car, you have to ensure you’ve chosen the right installation team.

An excellent installation team will seamlessly install your sound deadening materials. You probably won’t even notice they’re there once the install is complete. However, you will most definitely notice a change in your interior’s sound environment.

There’s something about a noiseless vehicle that says style and class. Perhaps it’s the complete absence of a noisy engine that feels sophisticated, as if you’re riding in a private jet. Or maybe it’s just that certain car owners know how to take such good care of their cars that riding in one becomes something more than just a vehicle - it’s an experience to remember.

Stop by 4220 Convoy St. in San Diego to learn more about our sound deadening materials for Rivian or Tesla and how you can get a superior install from our technicians. You can also give us a call at (858) 569-0777. We look forward to helping you find the best solution for your vehicle.

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