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What Level of Window Tint is Right for your Car

Updated: May 29


Hey, we get it. A person’s car is a huge investment. Some may even call it “their baby.” Regardless, most people take some level of pride in their vehicle. That’s why it’s so fun to customize it based on your taste and needs.

One easy update you can make to your car, truck, or SUV (that’s also relatively inexpensive), is car window tinting. Car window tint can give your vehicle a distinctive look that stands out when you’re driving around town, while providing practical benefits at the same time.


Different states have different laws related to the tint percentages that are legal and illegal - laws which you will have to follow when getting window tint installed on your vehicle.

For us here in California, the law limits the front windshield and front door windows to have a 70% VLT (visible light transmission). There is no law regulating the rear windows of the vehicle, but if the rear window is tinted, the vehicle must be equipped with dual side mirrors.

Factors to consider beyond the legalities and standout looks of car window tinting is why you want to have window tint installed on your vehicle. One of the most popular reasons for window tinting is privacy concerns, and the level of privacy that you want to achieve is a big factor in choosing the level of window tint to have installed on your vehicle.

Heat protection is also a big reason to have window tinting installed on your vehicle, as anyone who’s gotten into their vehicle after it’s been out in the scorching sun all day can attest. The standard, clear windows on your vehicle can heat your car to temperatures much higher than the outside temperature through what’s known as the “greenhouse effect.”

Sometimes overlooked are the health benefits of window tint. As you drive during the day, you’re exposing yourself and your passengers to various levels of UV rays, which are known causes of skin cancer.

And as much as protecting the health of the vehicle occupants is important, protecting your vehicle’s interior from the harmful rays of the sun is an important reason to have window tint installed on your vehicle. The sun’s rays can cause fading of fabric seats and other fabrics in the car, cause leather seats to dry out and crack, and cause the dashboard materials to fade - all damage that will lower the value of your car in the long run.

Safety is also a good reason to get window tinting in San Diego. Glare from sunlight is a common cause of many accidents that occur on our roads. Car window tinting will reduce glare to safe levels. An additional safety factor is that if you find yourself in a vehicle wreck, tinted window films can help hold breaking glass together and keep the vehicle occupants safe from flying glass shards.


While there are DIY kits out there, the average person probably doesn’t have the tools, the expertise, or the time to properly and safely install window tint. Here at San Diego Car Stereo, we’re known as the premier auto accessory upgrade source in Southern California. We’re your one-stop shop for all your vehicle upgrade needs, including window tint installers.

Car window tinting is a specialized service that not just anyone can perform properly. For quality window tinting in San Diego and the surrounding areas, San Diego Car Stereo is the top choice for professional services and high-quality installation. For us, this is an important part of our business that we take very seriously.

As with any product we sell at San Diego Car Stereo, our professional customer service representatives will take you through choosing the window tint level that is right for you. They can help give you an idea of what the different levels of tint will look like on your vehicle and will advise you on what is legal in your area.

Once you’ve gone through the process of choosing the best window tint for you with our customer service representatives, our factory-trained professional installers will take over the process and quickly perform a top-quality installation of the window tint product of your choosing, which will beautify your vehicle and give you years of driving safety and pleasure. Give us a call today at 858-283-3145 to schedule an installation appointment, or contact us online.

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