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What Is The Right Car Audio Upgrade For You?

Let’s Upgrade Your Car Audio Experience With The Best Products For You

Many people associate summertime with sunny weather, riding with the windows down, and enjoying life. Those moments always need a soundtrack, and true music lovers like to enjoy the best listening experience possible. Most cars aren’t providing that listening experience with their factory stereos, which is exactly where San Diego Car Stereo comes in. Let’s help you figure out what components of your car audio need upgrading.

Factory Stereo? Start There.

No matter what other upgrades you install, you’ll never get the best car audio experience without investing in an aftermarket car stereo installation. Factory stereos don’t provide next level audio signals for the rest of your system to amplify (pun intended). You’ll want to explore aftermarket options for that next step in your car audio. Aftermarket stereos will provide the audio quality to support the full potential of your audio system. On top of just audio quality, aftermarket stereos also provide many features that you don’t always see in factory stereos including:

  • Apple CarPlay

  • Android Auto

  • Bluetooth Capability

  • GPS

  • Touchscreen Options

  • Satellite Radio

  • Enhanced EQ

  • Camera and other accessory inputs

Investing in an aftermarket car stereo installation is an upgrade to your car audio experience, but it’s also improving the overall driving experience with other features and possibilities that you may not otherwise have.

Fresh Stereo, Fuzzy Sounds? Let’s Take A Look At Your Car Speaker System

If you’ve already invested in an aftermarket car stereo installation or your car came with an upgraded stereo but you are having car audio issues, then it’s probably time to invest in a new car speaker system. There are 2 separate options that you can consider when considering a new car speaker system:

  • Coaxial - These can be looked at as an “all-in-one” option because coaxial car speaker systems have the tweeter, woofer, and crossover all in one housing. These are the easier options to install because they are more common and most original car makers use coaxial speakers, thus, they are the more cost-effective option and will satisfy most audio lovers craving for a better sound out of their car audio.

  • Component - A component car speaker system has all component parts selected and installed separately. This option offers the complete customization of your car audio experience. You have full control over what goes into creating the audio and you can tailor the sound to your preferences. Of course, that freedom comes with a higher price tag that is well worth it for anyone who cares about each aspect of their car audio experience.

Finally, You May Be Ready To Turn It Up a Notch

Once the car stereo installation is complete and you’ve upgraded the car speaker system, you may need to add some extra bass with a new subwoofer. When you come to us for your car audio installation, we’ll introduce you to two different types of subwoofers: sealed box and vented. Sealed box will offer a cleaner, more contained sound while the vented box allows for more volume and boom. One of these options will top your car audio system perfectly.

Ready to Get Your Car Audio Experience Upgraded to Your Liking?