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The Top 5 Touchscreens For Fall ‘22 (Head Units/Stereos)

Upgrade Your Car Audio With The Best Of The Best Head Units

Touchscreens are taking over technology. When they were first introduced, having a touchscreen was a luxury. In 2022, it’s more surprising when something with a screen isn’t a touchscreen.

This is no different for car audio systems. In 2022, almost 99% of the cars sold in the United States will have a touchscreen installed. Not only are touchscreens convenient, they are also safer for drivers. Turning dials and pushing buttons to control your car audio can be distracting and harder to navigate when controls are spread throughout the dash. Simple and responsive touchscreen technology keeps all of your controls in one place and allows the driver to stay much more focused.

If you already have your car with a stock car audio system, or you are in the 1% of drivers who buy a car without a touchscreen in 2022, you may be interested in upgrading your car audio experience with car stereo installation. You’ll need to know what unit works best for you, so we decided to highlight some of our favorite head units you can upgrade to.

Pioneer MVH1400NEX

Featuring a 6.2-inch responsive touchscreen, the Pioneer MVH1400NEX is part of Pioneer’s new cutting edge NEX series that features many different premium car audio options. This particular unit gets a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels. While not the best you’ll find on the market, when you combine it with everything else this unit has to offer it provides all you need. Pioneer included a dedicated Spotify streaming app already installed that allows you to easily control streamed music from your Android or Apple phone. Other features of this standout Pioneer unit include:

  • Multiple media formats supported

  • Compatibility with any vehicle

  • Built-in safety features

  • Easy installation

  • Apple CarPlay compatible

Alpine ILX-W650

Want your car to be an extension of your smartphone? The Alpine ILX-W650 gives you that opportunity. It features a 7” touchscreen and has connectivity options with smartphones, speakers, tablets, and more. This is a responsive touchscreen with convenient swipe controls for the easiest functionality when on the road. The features don’t stop there:

  • Compatibility with various devices

  • Design that looks great in vehicles of all sizes

  • Simple, easy to use interface

  • Premium sound output

  • Clear display

Kenwood DDX25BT

This is a strongly built, durable, and reliable unit from Kenwood. The DDX25BT features a double DIN touchscreen, meaning it is twice the size of standard touch screens you’ll see on car audio systems. You can easily see everything you need including your GPS mapping and Android Mirroring. Other features include:

  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible

  • Available third-party apps including Spotify and Pandora

  • Multiple audio and video formats


Another double DIN head unit entry to our list, the JVC KWV140BT has a 6.2” screen with a customizable interface. That makes this feel much more like your car audio system when it is tailored to your liking. With a built-in DVD/CD player, this unit has all of the entertainment you need.

  • iHeart Radio built-in connection

  • Responsive touchscreen

  • DIY easy install

Pioneer AVH0X390BS

We’re bookending our list with Pioneer head units. The second entry, the AVH-X390BS, is mostly celebrated for its crystal clear picture and intuitive interface that is easy to use. You’ll have full control of your audio with a 13-level equalizer, so you can adjust to the sound you prefer. Some other features that landed this unit on our list include:

  • Built-In Sirius XM capability

  • Various media formats supported

  • Cutting-edge sound quality

  • Support for camera and security systems

Let The Experts At San Diego Car Stereo Perform Your Car Stereo Installation

Now that you’ve had a chance to consider some options for your new head unit, you’re ready to bring your car to your local car audio experts to perform your upgrades. We can transform your car audio experience with our services that include car stereo installation, car speaker system installation, or any other car audio installation service you need.

If you need more confirmation on the products you’re purchasing, we have all of the systems we carry on-site for you to test out before making your final decision. We want you to make the most informed decision possible. After all, this is about upgrading your car audio experience and driving experience overall.

Our address is 4220 Convoy St. in San Diego, California. Come see your local car audio experts! Additionally you can contact us online or by phone at (858) 569-0777. Summer is the perfect time to upgrade your car audio and San Diego Car Stereo are the perfect experts to execute the job.

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