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The Hidden Costs of DIY Window Tint Film Installation in San Diego

Why Installing Your Own Car Window Tinting Will Cost You More Than You Think

Car window tinting is a popular option for San Diego luxury car drivers because it offers aesthetic, safety, and security benefits.

Window tinting also stops your opulent upholstery from fading and getting discolored by the sun and blocks the sun’s glare, making driving safely during the day easier and reducing eye strain.

Others like window tints on their vehicle for heat reduction. Because solar heat is being blocked, you’ll often see a 35 to 65 percent reduction in temperature in your car before you ever start the ignition. Window tinting also offers additional protection from shattered glass if you are in an accident, and can prevent other drivers or pedestrians from seeing into your vehicle.

In short, car window tinting makes the journey more bearable, but it also tempts clever DIYers into thinking they should try their hand at installation. In the end, they’ve spent more than they intended to and lost several hours of their life to painstakingly tedious work that didn’t deliver perfect results. Can you install car window tint film yourself? Of course, but it’ll cost you.

Window Tint Installation Takes Time

Installing car window tint film is a time-consuming process. You must be willing to be patient enough to lay the window tint perfectly and adjust it by increments. Trimming takes precision and a steady hand. It takes several hours to perform a good job, even for those with experience. Ultimately, this is time you could be spending earning money, hanging out with your family, or simply relaxing.

You Need Extra Material, Even If You Think You Don’t

Even for professionals, a mistake in car window tint installation is expensive. Good thing the pros rarely err! With pre-cut film, you’re required to double down on your purchase if you make a mistake. Cut it yourself and take a chunk out by accident, and you’ll be starting over again. DIY car window tinting necessitates purchasing extra materials to counter this potential for errors. If you don’t need the extra materials, in the end, they’re just a waste of money.

Do You Have the Required Specialized Tools for Car Window Tinting?

DIY car window tint installation requires the purchase of specialized tools you will never need to use again. These include hard cards, film handlers, knives, scrapers, squeegees, sprays, slitters, and handles. They’ll just cost you money and take up space in your garage because you’ll rarely, if ever, need to use them again, and you can’t return them once you’ve opened their packaging. Another very important component of installation is performing it in a debris-free, indoor area. Although some people have pristine garages, most aren’t designed to be ideal environments for window tint application. As a result, visible debris - even tiny dust particles - is trapped between the film and your auto glass, affecting the longevity of your window tint film.

Do You Know the Car Window Tint Film Laws in Your California?

At San Diego Car Stereo, we often see issues with DIY window tinting after the car owner purchases the wrong type of film for their needs. In fact, we often are called upon to correct the problem. There are legal concerns, too; most states, including California, have laws concerning the darkness and transparency of window tinting you can put on your vehicle. As pro window tint installers, we know these laws all too well, so we never make that mistake. But using the wrong materials will cost you a lot more time and money than you would have saved from installing a DIY window tint.

A Botched Job Will Cost You in Luxury Vehicle Resale Value

DIY window tinting, frankly, is never performed to the same level of professionalism as window tinting installed by a dedicated team of tint experts. This usually comes to a head when it’s several years down the line, and you’re trying to sell your vehicle. The car’s window tint film doesn’t impress buyers, and they only see more bills racking up as they fix the problem. Who knows what else you’ve done improperly? Soon, you’re forced to reduce the price of the car by much more than you attempted to save by doing your car window tinting yourself.

Professional Window Tint Installation Lasts for Longer Than DIY Jobs

When a professional installs your car window tinting, you get two kinds of warranties. The first warranties the labor and promises there are no flaws in the workmanship. The second is a material warranty from the tint manufacturer; this warranty is void if you attempt a DIY window tint installation or if you mistreat it, even if you use top-of-the-line film on your Mercedes or BMW. By choosing professional window tinting in San Diego, you can expect your window tint film to last years without fading, cracking, or bubbling - as long as you care for it properly. Save money and time, and leave it to San Diego Car Stereo. Get in touch with our professional window tinting team today by sending us a message on our website.

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