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The 4 Best LED Boat Lights for 2022

Updated: Mar 29

An Overview of Premium-Grade Marine Lights from the Industry’s Top Brands

Many boaters have switched over to LED lights because they consume less power, last longer, and produce more light. They also look better from an aesthetic standpoint. So, if you're still using traditional bulb marine lights (or no lights at all), now is as good a time as any to consider making an upgrade to LED boat lights.

Of course, this brings up a few questions about marine lights:

“How much should I spend?”

“Which brands produce the best LED boat lights?”

“How do I install my marine lights once I purchase them?”

Here at San Diego Car Stereo, we carry a wide selection of boat stereo systems, marine speakers, and LED boat lights for you to choose from. We can even install everything right where your boat is docked.

To give you an idea of what’s on the market, here are the four best and most affordable LED boat lights you can get in 2022.

1 - EXZEIT Waterproof LED Boat Lights

Ideally, you want to get a set of LED boat lights that have a small footprint but maximize your deck visibility when boating at night. The waterproof LED boat lights from EXZEIT accomplish exactly that. Using 6” lighting pods, they provide illumination that covers 120 degrees.

Another big bonus with these marine lights is that they are waterproof, so you can literally attach them anywhere on your boat, pontoon, or other marine craft. Customers are raving about the rugged build and durability of these lights. They can withstand practically anything.

2 - Pioneer RGB LED Light Kit UD-ME650LED (compatible with TS-ME650FC and TS-ME650FS)

If you plan on cruising the high seas at night, then you’re going to want a set of LED boat lights that can be seen from afar by other boaters. Fortunately, Pioneer has come through with an amazing set of marine lights that are just as much about style as they are function.

The Pioneer RGB LED light kit is distinct because the entirety of it illuminates as opposed to just the center of the cone. You’ll have the option to get a white sports grill or classic grill for this set of LED boat lights.

3 - Shangyuan Marine LED Boat Lights

The thing that we really love about the Shangyuan marine LED boat lights is that you can outfit the entirety of your marine vessel with LED light on the cheap. The basic six-piece pack runs approximately $16. They can be bought in green, red, yellow, blue, and white.

Customers who have purchased this product like that these boat lights provide adequate light without being too harsh on the eyes. They also happen to be super easy to install yourself.


If you’re needing big time lighting power, then you can’t go wrong with the YITAMOTOR LED light bar. Think of it as a giant flood light that you can use out on the open waters. This product will give you tons of visibility so you can boat safely after the sun goes down.

The die-cast aluminum housing the YITAMOTOR LED light bar uses ensures the product’s durability over time, meaning you will never have to worry about it rusting or deteriorating due to salt exposure. You can use this product on a boat, pontoon, ATV, or on your pickup truck. It’s one of the most versatile light bars in the industry.

Upgrade to LED Boat Lights at San Diego Car Stereo

Now that you know some of the best LED boat light options that are available to you, the next step is for you to select the products you want for installation. The best way to do this is by coming down to San Diego Car Stereo so that we can show you some of the best marine light products that we carry in the store.

While you’re here, we can also show you some marine audio options such as boat stereo systems and premium-grade marine speakers. If you’re tired of dealing with wind and engine noise drowning out your music, then it’s high time you considered upgrading.

We make the installation of marine audio and lighting solutions easy. Once you pick out your new products, we’ll set an appointment for our installation professionals to come to where your boat is docked to perform the install. It’s really that simple.

Contact San Diego Car Stereo today at (858) 569-0777 to speak with a member of our team, or you can email us directly using the contact form on our website.

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