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Take Advantage of Our Premier Wheel and Tire Installation Now

Upgrade Your Ride with New Wheel and Tires: Find the Perfect Fit Today!

Aftermarket modifications improve the look of your luxury car. The best wheels and tires will improve the driving experience but also the safety and overall value of your vehicle. You’ll notice a great improvement with braking, cornering, and cruising down the highway when the new wheels and tires are installed.

The fastest way to achieve it is with a set of new wheels and tires from San Diego Car Stereo. Wheels are one of the best cosmetic mods you can get, but you want to pair them with a set of new tires that will grip the road and give your car more power and Flimsy tires will burn a hole in your wallet, but the wheels and tires from the leading brands - BBS, OZ, Volk Racing, Konig, and American Racing - will last a lot longer. With these brands, you’re paying for - and getting - quality for your luxury car.

How to Choose Your New Wheels and Tires

Choosing the best new tires can be a big decision, because you need to balance functionality and design. You want to choose wheels that make your car stand out, but you also want to choose tires that will give you a better grip on the road so you get more traction. They need to provide better cornering, easier braking - and make your car look great while doing it.

At San Diego Car Stereo, our professional installers will also choose the best wheels and tires that best fit your specific vehicle - not only in terms of look, but in terms of models that work well with your car and enhance your car’s strengths. We know how wide or large your tires can go on your street cars before they start interfering with your gear ratio or your anti-lock brake system. With our installers, you’ll get a great look as well as safety.

Explore the Best New Wheel and Tire Packages Available Now

We are proud to offer the top wheels and rims from leaders in the aftermarket wheel and rim market.

If you believe that the adventure starts when you leave the road, we offer tough new wheels and tires for off-road use from Black Rhino, KMC, and Moto Metal, along with duallys from Fuel Off-Road and custom-forged wheels from American Force Wheels! Give your ATV/UTV the wheels that will take you through the coolest offroading locations like a total boss.

If you want stronger but lighter wheels that are highly customizable, check out the multi-piece wheels from DUB Wheels. They also have some of the most innovative spinners in their collection you’ll ever see, and they provide custom finishing options.

Do you need custom-built wheels? Niche Road Wheels and Rotiform Wheels are built to your specifications and engineered with unique designs so they fit your car perfectly. You can make these wheels something that nobody else has. If you want wheels that look like they’re custom-made, check out the wide selection of 120 wheels that XD Wheels has to offer.

Racers will find some attractive performers from Method Race Wheels, which feature solid A365 aluminum, T6 heat treatment, and true beadlock wheels.

This short list barely scratches the surface of what we have to offer at San Diego Car Stereo. Chances are, if you have a specific brand of new wheels and tires in mind, we probably stock it.

San Diego Car Stereo is Your Trusted Wheel and Tire Dealer

San Diego Car Stereo is a premium wheel dealer, offering a full range of aftermarket equipment and accessories, along with new tires.

Our customers rave about our expert customer service and knowledge in assisting them with selecting the perfect new tires for sale.

“I hit a milestone in the stages of getting my car where I wanted it to be with the addition of new wheels & tires yesterday and most of the work was done by the guys at San Diego Car Stereo. I want to give credit where it is due. I couldn't have gotten to this point without their help. What started out as a stock 4 Runner has become an experience to drive & listen to.” five stars, Jon B., Yelp

We carry a wide array of wheels, rims, and new tires for sale, along with a variety of financing options. Stop by and visit us at our Convoy Street location. Or call us at (858) 569-0777 to talk to our trusted technicians. We’re ready and waiting to serve you for all of your new wheel and tire needs.

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