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Sound Deadening Adds Luxury to Your Car, Truck, or SUV

Choose San Diego Car Stereo For Sound Dampening Services

High-end, luxury cars are associated with a quiet cabin. When you’re driving a Rolls-Royce, the vehicle rolls along soundlessly. There’s no road hum, no wind, no droning exhaust, no tire noise. Even in traffic, even honking horns are muffled. Your car stereo sounds like a concert hall, and all your hands-free phone calls sound like they’re coming from your office instead of the middle of a busy interstate.

Sound dampening is why top-of-the-line luxury cars have such a quiet ride. Read on to learn how they do it - and how sound deadening can improve your ride and add even more luxury to your luxury vehicle.

Luxury Vehicles Are Equipped with Some Sound Deadening Materials Already

Luxury automakers line their vehicles with insulation and damping material over the floor, fenders, doors, and roof. They triple-seal their door interiors to deaden outdoor noise. They also feature insulation behind the dash, and additional deadening material around wheel wells and under the trunk liner. But what if your premium vehicle needs added sound dampening to quieten your drive even more? San Diego Car Stereo and our team of experts can create a custom plan just for you, so even if your ride didn’t roll out of the factory with acoustic glass or specialty tires, you can enjoy the comfort of near-complete silence as you drive.

A Case for Professionally Adding Sound Deadening for Cars, Trucks, or SUVs

Many car owners are tempted to try DIY modifications to their vehicles, including adding sound dampening. However, adding sound deadening to your car, truck, or SUV can be daunting and difficult, especially when you consider how tightly the door panels fit and the number and type of fasteners used to assemble body panels. Sound deadening can require a near complete disassembly of your car’s interior, including seats, carpeting, and trim. One wrong move, and you could be paying for unexpected repairs or replacement parts. And let’s not forget about the weight that these damping materials can add to your vehicle. Understanding how added weight translates to vehicle performance requires knowledge and skill, especially when you consider that required materials can add upwards of 200 pounds to your ride. Sound Deadening Zones Checklist If your luxury vehicle needs additional sound deadening materials for a more pleasant driving experience on scenic Southern California highways, consider these popular zones for adding it in:

  • Door panels

  • Floor and wheel arches

  • Firewall (the space between the engine block and dashboard)

  • Trunk and trunk lid

  • Ceiling

  • Hood

Depending on the type of noise you’re looking to reduce, you’ll want to have professionals install sound deadening materials in specific areas of your luxury vehicle.

For example, if road noise is particularly bothersome, you’ll want to add materials to your hood, floor, and wheel arches. If you’re looking to enhance the acoustics of your car stereo, you need dampening materials in the doors, trunk, and trunk lid. When you make an appointment to talk to a technician, be sure to let them know your goals for your luxury vehicle to ensure the quality and quantity of sound dampening will meet your expectations. An Added Bonus: Temperature Control Due to the nature of sound deadening materials, they also add a special feature to your vehicle: insulation. This extra insulation can help keep your vehicle’s interior warmer on chilly winter nights and cooler during San Diego summer weather. For added temperature control, consider adding materials to your door panels, floor, wheel arches, firewall, trunk, trunk lid, and roof. With more insulation, comes a more comfortable ride - and you should expect optimal comfort in any luxury vehicle.

San Diego Car Stereo Offers Sound Deadening Services Near You

A professional sound deadening service near you knows how to work with different makes and models. They know the quirks of each model, and where noises come from, and how to make adjustments to silence road noise and engine sounds. At San Diego Car Stereo, our experts install MESA MAT high-performance sound dampening products made of pure butyl, AA-grade aluminum, mil-spec adhesives, and more, to ensure long-lasting performance. Our seamless installation means the only way you’ll know we’ve worked on your ride is because it’s so much more quiet and comfortable than before. Call us or visit our showroom at 4220 Convoy Street in San Diego to learn more about our services. We’re happy to help you turn the simple act of driving your car into an unmatched, comfortable experience.

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