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Make Waves on the Water with the Best Marine Audio

How to Upgrade to the Best Marine Speakers and Boat Audio in San Diego

Living the San Diego life means a lot of different things. Beautiful beaches, perfect year-round weather – and yes – hitting the waves by surfboard, jet ski, or boat. There’s nothing better than a day cruising around on the Pacific with friends to your own personal soundtrack at full volume.

Although San Diego Car Stereo is perhaps best known for providing the latest and greatest in car audio, we like to remind people that we can outfit any boat, yacht, or marine vessel with speakers, stereos, and any other sound equipment you may need. After all, ship captains like music too, right?

The challenge that a lot of our boat-owning clientele faces is they don’t know where to begin when it comes to marine audio. Although you may think that a car stereo and a boat stereo would be roughly the same, they’re two completely different animals. Read the following for a full breakdown of what to expect when purchasing marine audio as well as some key terminology that distinguishes it from automobiles.

Marine Audio Color Palette

First things first, when shopping for marine audio and boat stereos, you’ll notice that the majority of the products are white and silver. That’s because a lot of boat and yacht interiors use whites and blues in combination with wood finishes. The color palette is going to be lighter compared to that of a car stereo, which is black 99% of the time.

But marine audio systems go far beyond just color. Due to the fact that this equipment will be dealing with an oceanic environment, it is built differently than that of a car stereo.

What’s the Difference Between Car Stereo Equipment and Marine Audio Equipment?

So many of our customers want to know what the core differences are between car and marine audio equipment. They both serve the same function, which is providing you with the highest quality sound. However, the environments they function in are completely different. Simply put, marine audio equipment is built to be more durable and sustainable against the bumps and bruises you take out on the open waters.

Speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and stereos are all manufactured to be able to withstand adverse temperatures, water and moisture, and direct exposure to sunlight. For instance, if it suddenly starts raining or the temperature rises above 100°, your marine audio equipment will be able to handle that. It’s also built to withstand the impacts of boating on choppy waters.

What is an IP Rating?

The Ingress Protection rating – IP rating, for short – is a major piece of terminology you’ll need to know when shopping for marine audio. The number effectively tells you how resilient your equipment will be against foreign elements like water, dust, and debris. Obviously, you’ll want a lot of protection being out on the open water, especially if you get caught in the rain.

The IP rating scale breaks down as follows:

· The rating always starts with the letters “IP”

· The first number refers to solid object protection level on a scale of 0 to 6; the higher the number, the more protection the equipment has against dirt/debris/dust

· The second number refers to moisture/water protection level on a scale of 0 to 8; the higher the number, the more protection your equipment has against water/moisture

We’ll shoot you straight here…you don’t need the absolute highest protection for your marine audio equipment. The highest levels are only for pieces of equipment that are fully submerged in water. You can get by with an IP65 rating, which means your speakers are both water-resistant and dust-proof.

What Set-Up is Right for My Marine Craft?

A good rule of thumb to follow when buying marine audio is: the bigger the boat, the more you’ll need. With a fishing boat, you’ll get everything that you need by simply installing a receiver and a pair of speakers. For something like a 40-foot yacht, you’ll need to go way bigger so that you can cover every deck and interior with sound. Your set-up will likely include tower speakers, multi-channel & sub amplifiers, remote controls, and a multi-zone digital receiver to get things started.

Upgrade Your Marine Audio Sound Today at San Diego Car Stereo

The best way to see which type of marine audio is best for you is by visiting the team at San Diego Car Stereo. After we know what type of boat you have and what you typically use it for (fishing, watersports, or hosting parties) then we can narrow down your selection to a few options that will be a perfect fit.

We carry the best marine speakers and boat stereos in the San Diego area. Simply visit our storefront and we can show you a few of our highest-performing items in person so you can try before you buy.

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