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​​Level Up: Next-Level Car Audio Upgrades

Car Audio Accessories and Components That Will Elevate Your Ride

If you’re a customer of ours, chances are, you already have the basics of your car audio covered. You’ve got the touchscreen receiver with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. You probably have a powerful amp and a nice big external subwoofer hitting all those low frequencies. And you’ve for sure have already upped your speaker game with a nice assembly of component speakers you hand-picked and arranged yourself, right down the very last tweeter.

So, what’s next for you? What’s the next frontier of car audio accessories for someone who’s already got the perfect car stereo system and premium car speakers to back it?

If it’s one thing we know here at San Diego Car Stereo, it’s that the car audio game never stops. It keeps evolving, getting bigger and better by the month. Let’s break down a few of the hot trends happening right now in high-end car audio.

Digital Signal Processors

There are two things you need if you want to get high-quality playback out of your audio equipment: power and control. And when it comes to control, we’re not just talking about your standard handful of EQ settings. We’re talking precision control over every aspect of your playback, which is where digital signal processors come into play.

In fact, the digital signal processors these days are so advanced you can manipulate all the sound attributes and settings using your laptop. For instance, the AudioControl’s Smart-User DSP software package allows users to play with crossovers, 30-band equalizers, time delay, parametric filters, real-time analyzers (RTA), and bass correction, just to name a few.

As far as car audio accessories go, digital signal processors allow drivers to get really granular with how their music sounds, right down to the smallest detail. Integrate this into your current car stereo system to bring new life out of your car speakers.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

In this day and age, it’s all about going hands-free, and Bluetooth speakers are about as hands-free as you can go with your listening experience. Right now, you may be thinking that you already have a great pair of speakers and you’re all set in that department, but you’re overlooking a lot of what distinguishes Bluetooth speakers from traditional car audio – the features.

Bluetooth speakers are capable of quite a bit. Most notably, you can use the voice prompt feature to make calls without pressing a single button. Another great feature is wake and pair, which automatically pairs your speaker up as soon as you enter your car. And, of course, no speaker would be worth its salt without noise cancellation (get for areas with construction) and some of the best audio quality ever assembled in a speaker. Bluetooth speakers not only add a little extra punch to your playback, but a whole lot of convenience for your hands-free experience. Finally, unlike your car speakers which are stationed in one place, Bluetooth speakers give you the ability to move them around to suit your listening preferences.

Sealed Box Subwoofers

When you invest in subwoofers, you want to be sure you’re doing everything you can to get the most out of them. One car audio accessory that often goes overlooked is the subwoofer’s box, which you can either get in a ported or sealed variety. Now, we’ve got nothing against ported boxes. They work fine if you want a louder bass that’s heavy on boom; however, here at San Diego Car Stereo, we lean more towards the sealed box style.

Sealed box subwoofers give off tighter, cleaner, more accurate bass. It’s not just going to be loud for the sake of being loud. It’s more of a surgical instrument compared to the unruly jackhammer that ported boxes are. Sealed boxes also have the advantage of coming in a smaller box compared to ported boxes, which means it’s taking up less room in your trunk. If you don’t believe us on the sealed vs. ported box debate, come down to the shop and see them in action for yourself. We carry both, but bass connoisseurs prefer the sealed box for their subs.

Upgrade Your Car Audio Accessories to the Next Level Today!

As we’ve broken down here, there’s still a lot to take advantage of in the world of car audio…even if you feel like you already have all your bases covered. At San Diego Car Stereo, we carry the largest stock and widest variety of aftermarket car accessories including Bluetooth speakers, component and coaxial speakers, digital signal processors, and much more. The best way to see how we can upgrade your listening experience to the next level is to stop by our shop in person.

If you’ve been searching for car stereo installation near you, then look no further than San Diego Car Stereo. You can visit our shop directly at 4220 Convoy St. located right here in sunny San Diego. If you’d like to make an appointment, call us at (858) 879-8049 or message us using the contact form on our website.

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