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Is an Aftermarket Remote Start Different from an OEM Remote Start?

aftermarket remote start for car

The Similarities and Differences Between The Two Remote Start Installation Options

Questions about the two different remote start options come up all of the time. The honest answer is that the function of the system doesn’t differ much. A remote start is a remote start in theory, but the main difference is that aftermarket remote start installation is more accessible. After all, the only way to get a new OEM remote start in a car is to buy a whole new car.

OEM integrated (or factory) remote starts are the systems that come installed on the vehicle. Any remote start installation that happens later would be considered aftermarket. It is a nice touch to have a factory installed remote start on your car, but the truth is the OEM integrated systems aren’t as powerful and you don’t have as much control over your options.

While the function of the remote start systems may be the same, the performance and options are far from equal. We’ll look at a few benefits you get when you opt for aftermarket remote start installation from your San Diego experts.

Aftermarket Remote Starts Offer Longer Range Than OEM Installed Systems

Most OEM integrated systems have remotes that work within the same range as the regular car key fob. This gives you only 65 feet of range on most remote starts, and many of those systems have limited upgrade options without buying a new aftermarket system. Aftermarket remote start installation doesn’t place the same restrictions on the range on your remote. There are aftermarket options that hit ranges up to 3 miles! You could start your car from the harbor if you wanted to. You also have additional features available with aftermarket systems like smartphone integration, keyless entry, and more.

2-Way Confirmation Is Only Available With Aftermarket Remote Starts

What’s the worst feeling in the heat of the summer in San Diego? Remote start not triggering when you signal your remote to start your car. One option you have available with aftermarket systems that isn’t available with OEM systems is 2-way confirmation. A 2-way remote sends commands to your vehicle’s remote start system like a normal remote start remote, but the 2-way remote goes a step further and confirms the command. You don’t have to wonder if your car is getting ready for you any longer. Additional options include receiving security alerts to your 2-way remote to add extra awareness and protection to your vehicle.

OEM Integrated Systems Lock You Into Factory Remote Start Options - Customize With Aftermarket Instead

When opting for aftermarket remote start installation, you have an abundance of customization options to choose from. These can range from small functions like unlocking/locking doors, popping the trunk, and controlling a security system. More unique options like control over windows are also available in certain systems.

One of the most popular options for remote start upgrades is runtime extensions. If you’ve had a factory remote start before, you have felt the agony of losing track of time and coming out of your home to a car that has shut off. The 10-minute time limit you see on those OEM systems can’t be extended. Aftermarket remote starts offer options that can extend runtime as long as 45 minutes.

Looking For Aftermarket Remote Start Installation in San Diego? Look No Further!

At San Diego Car Stereo, we offer various solutions to improve your car audio and driving experience. When you work with us on a remote start installation, car stereo installation, or any other aftermarket solution, you can be confident our experts will perform the work correctly and in a timely fashion to get you back on the road enjoying your car stereo and remote start in San Diego.

We only carry and install the highest quality aftermarket products from brands we trust. When you work with us, you can be confident that no matter what options you choose, you are getting high performing car upgrades.

Other accessory options we carry include security solutions, window tinting, dash cam installations, and more. All of these accessories can be professionally installed at San Diego Car Stereo. We want to be your one-stop shop for aftermarket car upgrades.

We are located at 4220 Convoy St. in San Diego. Come by anytime and see our shop and what options we have that may fit your car. Give us a call at (858) 569-0777 or complete our contact form and we will reach out to you.

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Patrick James
Patrick James
Feb 13, 2023

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