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How to Choose the Best Radar Detector for Your Luxury Vehicle

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

speed radar being placed on windshield

Do Your Research Here, Then Get the Best Radar Detector Installation in San Diego

Everyone deserves freedom on the road, as well as the best safety tools imaginable. That’s why San Diego Car Stereo ensures we’re up to date and well stocked with all the latest gear - and we can even perform radar detector installation, much like we do with all our products.

For the uninitiated, radar detectors are an important part of a completely outfitted luxury vehicle. They provide safety and security for your life on the road, essentially reminding you to slow down as there are cops scanning the area for speeders.

In addition, it is your right to have an awareness of where radars and lasers are on the road nearby, as radar detectors in California are legal devices in vehicles, so long as it’s mounted on the dash.

What’s more, radar detectors offer more than speed control and an awareness of who else is on the road. Today, state-of-the-art radar detectors - especially if you go to a superior shop near you for your radar detector install - offer a wider variety of extra features than ever.

What Radar Detectors Are on Our Radar Now

While we only offer radar detectors from ESCORT and Cobra - the two leading brands - we carry their complete line of products, so you get exceptional equipment along with the very best radar detector installation near you. Whether you want safety, security, stealth, or even the ability to reveal the truth with an HD dashcam, San Diego Car Stereo has your solution.

Here are some of our favorite ESCORT and Cobra products that we regularly stock at San Diego Car Stereo:

  • ESCORT MAX 360c: The first of its kind, this radar detector is connected to the internet and can download software updates in real time. This means you never have to worry about upgrading your device to guarantee you have the latest innovations and updates from ESCORT. You’ll never be behind on the latest tech that keeps you safe and secure on the road.

  • Cobra DualPro 360: Get complete coverage with this product’s ability to detect radars all around you. A multi-directional system, this product from COBRA also uses new technology to learn from and eliminate unnecessary signals, while homing in on the ones that count.

  • ESCORT Redline EX: This product is truly the only way to go into “stealth mode” on the road. Install one of these on your dashboard with the help of San Diego Car Stereo, and you’ll be able to drive undetected while also staying informed about the radars and lasers nearby.

  • Cobra Road Scout: Combining radar detection with a HD dashcam, you now have complete control of detection coverage, as well as an extra set of eyes on the road - no matter what happens next. Stay safe, secure, and aware of your surroundings with this unique addition to the Cobra family.

Check out these signature products - as well as many others - by visiting our store or browsing our online inventory. But don’t wait too long - now is the time to take advantage of a radar detector in California. Not only are they legal in our state, but there are enough choices to satisfy any gearhead who loves checking out all the features and options to find just the right equipment.

Why You Should Partner with San Diego Car Stereo for Your Radar Detector and All Car Safety Gear

California is known for its independence and for bucking trends. That’s why it’s perfectly legal to have a radar detector in California. Similarly, San Diego Car Stereo is known for doing things a bit differently, too.

When you book a radar detector installation with us, we ensure your device is set up perfectly and that you understand every function, feature, bell, and whistle. We do the same whether we’re installing safety and security features, car stereos, or even marine audio equipment.

Perhaps that’s why all of San Diego looks to us as the premier company for radar detector installs near you - along with all our other products and services. Be sure to check out our financing options so you can enjoy your radar detector now and pay manageably along the way. Our competitive options make it easy for any customer to get the products they desire for their vehicles.

We look forward to earning your business for all your vehicle’s needs. Give us a call any time at (858) 569-0777, or you can contact us online. Better yet, stop into our shop at 4220 Convoy St. in San Diego and see what we do for yourself. See you soon!

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