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How to Care for Your Car When You’ve Recently Opted For Window Tinting

Protect Your Investment With These Tips From the Window Tinting Specialists Near You

There are many reasons you could be considering (or have opted for) window tinting on your car, whether it’s for the comfortability, blocking UV rays, enhanced security, or just appearance - it is important to protect the investment.

Professional installers that perform the application of window tinting correctly will apply it on the inside of the glass to be protected from debris and other elements.

In addition to a correct installation, there are other steps you can take to protect your window tinting and enjoy all of the benefits for years to come.

1. Keep Windows Rolled Up

While you get to benefit from the window tinting instantly, it takes a little longer for the adhesive on your tint to fully dry and seal permanently to the glass. This process can take up to four days, so you have to be patient and keep the windows up. Rolling down your windows prematurely can peel your tint right off.

2. Ignore Flaws In the Tint

When you pay for a quality service like window tinting, you expect the work to be flawless and worth the investment. Sometimes window tint can have a haziness about it or even have water pockets forming inside right after installation. Don’t try to fix it or do anything drastic, this is completely normal and temporary.

Patience will be a virtue with this process as it can take up to a month for some of these flaws to dissipate. Letting them work themselves out is the best way to ensure your window tinting lasts the longest.

3. Wait To Clean Your Windows

Another way to prematurely damage your tint is to wash the windows before the film dries and fully sticks to the glass. As mentioned above, it can take up to four days for the curing process to complete. Wait at least that long before immersing your windows in water at a car wash.

If you need to clean your windows in the meantime, use a microfiber cloth. In case you have a mess that needs a little extra attention, you’ll want to use a cleaner that doesn't include ammonia and a soft cloth.

4. Don’t Test the Limits Of the Window Tinting

If you have your window tinting completed by a professional technician, the film should have some durability. Additionally, there should be a scratch resistant coating applied to the tint as well. While these are good for protecting against normal everyday force, the window tinting isn’t invincible.

Don’t intentionally scratch or claw at the window tinting with sharp objects. You should also be careful when loading and unloading objects with sharp edges and operating the seat belt. It only takes one good scratch or ding to ruin your tint. Be careful with it and protect it for the best results.

Looking For Quality Window Tinting? Look No Further Than San Diego Car Stereo

Our experts will not only install your window tinting, but we can also guide you through the process of selecting your preferences like color and shade. We want to make sure your window tinting is perfect for your vehicle and the benefits you are looking for.

We won’t leave gaps or bubbles in your tint! Our installers are perfectionists that will make sure your new window tinting looks like it was on the original design.

We are here for you and your aftermarket car accessory needs, and we will show that in the quality of the work we perform on your car. No matter if it is for window tinting, car audio, remote start, or any other installation.

Always Fully Stocked With Quality Audio Products

Another reason we can stand behind our work so confidently is the fact that we only work with brands that manufacture the highest quality aftermarket car accessories. We are confident that the products will function how they are intended for a long time. Our trusted brands include:

  • JVC

  • Pioneer

  • Kenwood

  • Alpine

  • Rockford Fosgate

  • Scosche

On top of these leading car audio brands, we carry the highest quality in security, window tinting, dash cams, remote starters, and more. The choice to work with San Diego Car Stereo is the choice to have the best quality products and installation near you. Contact us or stop by our shop located at 4220 Convoy St. in San Diego, California to have your driving experience enhanced by aftermarket car accessories.

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