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Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Aftermarket Car Accessories

remote start gift

Aftermarket Car Accessories Can Make a Great Gift for Car Lovers

We’re approaching another holiday season in a hurry! Santa visits, Christmas lists, lighting ceremonies, and more will be everywhere you turn. One of the most stressful things about this time of year is finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

San Diego Car Stereo is here to help you narrow down gift options for the car lovers you’re shopping for. Our solutions should prove to be just what they need to upgrade their car and make it more comfortable. Pleasantly surprise them this holiday season with these aftermarket car accessories:

Remote Start is One Of The Most Popular Aftermarket Car Accessories

When the elements are at their extremes, it sucks getting in a freezing or scorching car and having to wait a while for it to get comfortable. Our experts can install just the aftermarket car accessory for your loved one to get into comfortable cars from now on - remote start. Start your car from a distance and let the temperature regulate before you get in. Perfect for after work or in the winter with icy windshields, remote start is a simple upgrade that will provide years of convenience to your recipient.

Window Tinting Provides Upgraded Looks, Protection, and Privacy

A simple and cost-efficient solution that pays large dividends for their car and health. Window tinting is a great gift because it not only elevates the look of their vehicle, it also has major health benefits. Professionally tinted windows can block over 90% off UV rays that can be harmful to drivers and cause skin cancer.

Additionally, tinted windows reflect heat, which helps reduce the temperature inside of the vehicle and prevent it from reaching unsafe levels. If you decide to get window tint installed for your loved one this holiday season, they will also benefit from increased privacy and protection of their valuables. Window tint makes it harder to see inside of a vehicle, so thieves are less motivated to break in when they don’t know what is inside. Window tint is available in many different shades and colors, so you can be sure there is an option that works for your loved one.

Car Stereo Installation Adds Personality and Entertainment

Car audio as a whole is important to us, but the stereo is the centerpiece of the operation. If your loved one still has a factory stereo, they’re missing out on an entirely improved car audio experience. Car stereo installation will improve your audio and adds features that make your car ride much more enjoyable. Look for the following features when you’re searching for their new stereo:

  • Touchscreen

  • Voice control

  • Apple Carplay/Android Auto

  • Multiple EQ settings

  • Camera inputs

  • Internal amp

  • Satellite Radio

  • Video playback

Car Speaker System Upgrades and Car Audio Installation Add The Oomph

While a stereo and other upgrades can improve the car audio experience, upgrading your loved one’s speakers is when you really hear that next-level-sound start to shine. Factory installed car audio systems are not made with performance in mind, so you’ll be hard pressed to find some that provide a loud and powerful sound. In fact, many factory speakers are made with unreliable materials (like cardboard) and are easier to blow out than get the desired sound. Car audio installation by our experts should consist of new speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers that work together to provide a sound your loved one will appreciate.