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Niche Wheels

Completely Customized Cast Monoblock and Custom Forged Monoblock Wheels

The saying over at Niche Wheels is that perfection doesn’t rest, which is why they’ve been such a staple when it comes to customized wheel and tire packages for sedans, trucks, and SUVs that are trying to elevate their wheel game. Niche specializes in the wheels and rims portion of that equation, always bringing big, bold designs to the table in a wide selection of finishes, colors, and styles. Their cast series and forged series have put Niche up at the top of the list as one of the best wheel brands in the entire industry. If you are looking for custom forged or cast Monoblock rims and wheels, then Niche has what seems like a limitless selection for their customers. Their custom car rims and wheels are all built in-house from start to finish to ensure top-tier design and quality. There are many combinations when it comes to wheels and tires, but Niche always distinguishes itself when it comes to originality, reliability, and its ability to turn heads in traffic.   


To start off your Niche Wheels shopping experience, get with the experts at San Diego Car Stereo. Niche Wheels are custom-built and finished to your vehicle’s exact specifications. Simply reach out to our shop and we’ll help you figure out which Niche wheels and rims are the perfect match for your ride and budget.

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