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Moto Metal 

Slick and Stylish Wheels and Rims

Originally founded in 2002, every product Moto Metal makes positively drips with attitude. Their wheels appeal to the eclectic and non-traditional vehicle owner that wants to turn heads and get people to take notice of their ride. Their wheels and rims are forged to fit all varieties of vehicles including trucks, sedans, and SUVs. Their experience combined with their slick design and reliable manufacturing makes Moto Metal Wheels one of the best wheel brands currently in operation. They come in the most popular sizes, and their price-point is fairly competitive with many of their custom car rims clocking in around the $200 to $300 arena. That puts Moto Metal Wheels on the more affordable end of the pricing spectrum, and they’re not lacking when it comes to scoring style points.


Moto Metal Wheels have plenty of different looks, so you’re bound to find something you like whether you’re driving a Ford F-150, Audi coupe, or anything in between. These custom car wheels and rims are offered in classic black and chrome, gunmetal, and red-trimmed finishes so you can take your wheel game up to the next level. Moto Metal Wheels come in both cast aluminum and monoblock forged models.


If you’re looking for a reliable wheel that is both slick in style and affordable, Moto Metal Wheels are a great avenue to take. Their wheels pair with several tires from the most popular name brands in the industry, so finding the right match shouldn’t be an issue.

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