backup camera installation in San Diego.

Car Collision Avoidance System from San Diego Car Stereo

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You are driving to your favorite restaurant to grab a bite to eat with a friend and are looking for parking. You finally see a spot, but it will require some deft parallel parking. It is one of those spots that has maybe 8 inches to spare on each side, and you are feeling nervous. Instead of taking the spot, you leave with your hypothetical tail between your legs, searching for a more easily accessible spot.

If this is a familiar anecdote for you, you need a car collision avoidance system from San Diego Car Stereo in Kearny Mesa, California. A Car Collision Avoidance System can make parallel parking much easier with cameras and sensors.

BackuP Camera and blind spot camera from San Diego Car Stereo

San Diego Car Stereo gives you eyes where you need them most with blind spot camera and backup camera installation. These cameras allow you to avoid car accidents, park with ease, backup out of your driveway safely and more! The backup camera is flawlessly installed on the rear of your vehicle, allowing you to easily glance at what is behind you without having to look backwards over your shoulder. Blind spot camera go on the side of your car so you can quickly and easily see any and all blind spots. No more guessing when it comes to changing lanes! A blind spot camera lets you see each and every inch of the road.

Front Sensors, backup sensors & blind spot sensor installation

San Diego Car Stereo can keep you alerted to any impinging danger with back sensors, front sensors and backup sensors. These state of the art sensors can sense other cars, dangerous objects, people and more when they get near your vehicle. You will be alerted that you are in danger, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to keep your car and your passengers safe. San Diego Car Stereo offers all of these amazing sensors and top of the line installation at an affordable price. If you are ready to avoid car collisions and car accidents, come to San Diego Car Stereo for Car Collision Avoidance System. Contact San Diego Car Stereo today by calling (858) 569-0777.