Custom car audio installation at San Diego car stereo

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San Diego Car Stereo are the car audio installation experts in San Diego. If you have a luxury car by one of the top brands, you should only trust San Diego Car Stereo to install a stereo system, speakers, amplifiers and more.

San Diego Car Stereo offers the best Car audio installation

Ready to up your car audio habits to the next level? San Diego Car Stereo offers the very best car stereo system installation in town, with custom car audio installation that looks and sounds amazing. San Diego Car Stereo has experts on hand with a litany of knowledge about stereo systems, from the biggest speaker to the smallest wire. In order to have a stereo system in harmony, every last detail has to be attended to with patience, persistence and intelligence, and that is exactly how we treat each and every job at San Diego Car Stereo.

Custom Car Speaker system Installation in any car or truck

When people think of a stereo system, the first thing they think of are the speakers. Big, powerful, booming speakers that will cause the car to rumble with every note of your favorite song, sending sound waves reverberating not only throughout your car but the entire block. However, speakers are only one part of a high quality sound system and there is usually not a strong correlation between speaker size and sound quality. Having said all of that, San Diego Car Stereo is the place to go for a wide selection of speakers and expert installation.

San Diego Car Stereo has amazing, high quality speakers from all of the best brands, like JBL, Sony and more. When you enter our shop, we will ask you what you are looking for in a sound system and make recommendations based on preference in type of sound, price and more. After that, we flawlessly install the speakers into your car, and then you are ready to listen to your favorite music in no time.

Subwoofer installation at San Diego Car Stereo in KEarny MEsa

Booming, bouncing bass is the dream of anyone with ambitions of a sick car stereo system. We have you covered. San Diego Car Stereo has a great selection of subwoofers for any kind of car or truck. Give a little "oomph" to your stereo system with a amazing subwoofer installed into your car or truck. Don't have a great place to install your subs? No worries, we have got you covered! We will build custom subwoofer boxes on site that are perfectly tailored to fit into your car or truck. Subwoofer boxes are a great way to keep your sub in place and also optimizes the bass quality.

Contact San Diego Car Stereo for a new car stereo system

Enough is enough. Do not settle for anything less than amazing sound quality. You spend too much time in your car or truck to listen to music at anything less than the best quality. San Diego Car Stereo are the experts when it comes to car stereo installation. Give us a call, email us or stop by today to get the sound system you and your car deserve!

Motorcycle Audio Installation from San Diego Car Stereo

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San Diego Car Stereo is not just for cars. We offer amazing service on motorcycles, including custom audio installation. Bring in your Harley Davidson motorcycle to San Diego Car Stereo in Kearny Mesa today!

Enjoy Music on Your Motorcycle With Speakers and Amplifiers

Few things beat taking your motorcycle out for a ride on a nice San Diego afternoon. Speeding down the freeway with the sun beating down on your back and beautiful San Diego landscapes all around you is the epitome of high speed bliss. As magical as a ride through San Diego can be, it can be made even better with the addition of a high quality sound system to your motorcycle. Now you can speed down the highways while listening to your favorite music, all crystal clear in sound quality even as you are tearing down the road at nearly 70 miles per hour. San Diego Car Stereo in Kearny Mesa offer expert motorcycle audio installation. We can equip your motorcycle with a top of the line stereo system at an affordable price! 

Road Glide & Street GLide Speakers for your harley davidson

Do you have a Harley Davidson and want to upgrade your speaker system? Then you need to come to San Diego Car Stereo. We are Harley Davidson audio installation experts, carrying audio systems custom made for Harley Davidson Road Glide motorcycles and the Street Glide Platform. Instead of paying way more money to get an upgraded audio system at your local Harley Davidson shop, save money with high quality motorcycle installation at San Diego Car Stereo at an affordable price.

Motorcycle audio & stereo installation at San Diego Car Stereo

If you are ready to take your motorcycle riding experience to the next level, come to San Diego Car Stereo. We offer the very best Harley Davidson Road Glide audio installation and motorcycle stereo system upgrades. We will get your motorcycle playing high quality music, all at an affordable price. Contact San Diego Car Stereo today to get amazing quality music on your motorcycle.

Install Waterproof Marine Speakers & Stereo in San Diego

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San Diego is blessed by incredible weather. While lakes around the country are frozen over with a foot of snow hiding the body of water in plain site, San Diego will have the sun shining as strong as ever. That makes all year boating season in San Diego. No matter the month on the calendar, it is the perfect time to take your boat out on a lake, the bay or the ocean. When you are enjoying your boat out on the water on an amazing day, why not take things to the next level by having high quality waterproof boat speakers playing your favorite song?

Get a boat stereo system installed at San Diego Car Stereo

San Diego Car Stereo are the experts when it comes to installing a boat stereo system, equipped with waterproof speakers that sound great even when the motor is revving and the wake is pounding. We have the experience and expertise to offer flawless waterproof speaker installation and marine speakers for your boat. On top of that, San Diego Car Stereo only uses the highest quality brands in boat speakers and stereo, so you will have only the highest quality sound on your boat. 

Test your marine speakers before you buy them in KEarny MEsa

Making any purchasing decision is tough. You have to weigh a seemingly endless array of options and variables before pouncing on a decision and pulling the trigger. You have to factor in your budget, what you value, the input of family and friends, and the quality of your purchase. Sometimes, you don't even really know what you have until the bill has already been paid! San Diego Car Stereo tries to remove a lot of that uncertainty with our amazing, one of a kind showroom.

When you come to San Diego Car Stereo, you will see that we have displays everywhere showing off our high-quality products. However, this display is not merely eye candy. All of our stereo systems and speakers are hooked up and ready to be tested! That way, you can try out any combination of waterproof speakers and marine stereo systems before making a purchase. San Diego Car Stereo makes it easy to buy boat speakers by allowing you to test them before you purchase them.

Contact San Diego Car Stereo in Kearny Mesa for Marine Speakers

Your boat is ready to get taken to the next level. If you want to jam out to your favorite songs while racing through the water in San Diego, come to San Diego Car Stereo in Kearny Mesa. We have the best brands in waterproof speakers and expert installation. Contact San Diego Car Stereo today to get your marine stereo system ready to go!

Offroad Vehicle Audio Installation at San Diego Car Stereo

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San Diego not only has the beauty of the beach always a short drive away, we also are in the advantageous situation of having the desert close by. A fun activity is taking a truck or offroad vehicle out into the desert to tear it up with some offroading. Whether it is conquering sand dunes or other terrain, offroading is a blast! However, offroading in an ATV, Polaris RZR or other offroading vehicle becomes that much more fun with a sweet sound system. Enjoy the thrill of offroading with your own soundtrack with an offroad vehicle sound system from San Diego Car Stereo.

all-terrain vehicle (ATV) Speakers & a Stereo System installation

Do you have an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)? If so, you are a lucky individual. Few things can match the unadulterated thrill of speeding through the desert on an ATV, the air whipping through your hair as you push the throttle farther and farther. It is time to give the adrenaline-pumping exhilaration of riding an All-Terrain Vehicle a soundtrack with an ATV sound system and speaker installation from San Diego Car Stereo. We have experience installing top of the line speakers on all different makes and models of ATV, so no matter what you bring into the shock and have in mind we have you covered. Bring your ATV into San Diego Car Stereo today for a great deal on an awesome sound system.

Polaris Razor (or Polaris RZR) Audio & sound system installation

A Polaris Razor is another awesome way to fly through the desert, and luckily San Diego Car Stereo also has the equipment and training to install an awesome stereo system on any RZR. Equip your Polaris RZR with a set of top of the line speakers, a new amplifier, and a bumping subwoofer to make your trips offroading in the desert that much more fun! If you are ready to get your Polaris Razor tricked out with a sick sound system, come to San Diego Car Stereo today!

Contact San Diego Car Stereo for Offroad Audio Installation

Are you ready to make your desert trips that more often? San Diego Car Stereo has experience installing stereo units into ATVs, Polaris RZRs and more! Bring your offroad vehicle to our Kearny Mesa location to get a new sound system today, or contact San Diego Car Stereo for more details.

Car Bluetooth Stereo Installation

Bluetooth stereo system from San Diego Car Stereo.

Bluetooth is one of those technologies that just make everything easier. Bluetooth allows an unparalleled level of freedom, eliminating the drama and inconvenience that comes with living with cords. Bring this convenience into your car with a bluetooth stereo system, installed with expert precision by the team at San Diego Car Stereo in Kearny Mesa.

Best bluetooth car stereo installation in San Diego

San Diego Car Stereo is renowned for the amazing work we do when it comes to installation of car speaker systems, and that level of excellence also applies to our installation of a Bluetooth stereo system. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable installation experts who will not rest until you have a Bluetooth sound system that looks and sounds great!

Handsfree phone calls while driving with bluetooth

You cannot drive in California while talking on your cell phone. This not an opinion, but is in fact the law and must be obeyed unless you are comfortable paying a hefty fine. In order to make phone calls while driving that fall within the constraints of the law, you need a bluetooth speaker system. This allows you to take incoming calls while driving through your car speakers, so if you want to chat while sitting in San Diego traffic on the 5 get a Bluetooth sound system in your car.

Listen to iPhone or android Music on Your car stereo

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When you get a Bluetooth stereo, it unlocks a whole world of possibilities when you connect your smartphone. iPhone and Android devices have so many ways to listen and stream music it can be tiring just to list them. You have Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube, Google Play and Soundcloud just to name a few, and with a Bluetooth stereo you can listen to all of these services over your high quality car speaker system.

Podcasts and Audio Books while driving with bluetooth car stereo

Music isn't the only great technology you get when you connect your iPhone or Android to your car through Bluetooth. Bluetooth stereo system also allows you to listen to podcasts or audiobooks with ease, making your commute or road trips that much more pleasant!

Contact San Diego Car Stereo for Bluetooth Stereo Installation

If you are ready to take your car entertainment to a whole new level, contact San Diego Car Stereo for a new Bluetooth car stereo. Our team is ready to answer any and all questions you may have about a Bluetooth car audio system and offer flawless installation. To get started, give us a call at (858) 375-1404.