The Benefits of Adding a Backup Camera and a Dash Cam

Backup Camera Installation in San Diego.

Have you ever wished you had eyes in the back of your head, metaphorically speaking at least? Just think: If you did, you could spot approaching danger, catch mischievous kids with their hands in the cookie jar, or casually observe others without seeming rude. Well, having a backup camera in your car yields just as many benefits, far more than what your rearview mirror provides.

Backup cameras, also called rearview cameras, are small, wide-angle cameras mounted in the rear of the vehicle and connected to an in-dash video screen or a small monitor within the rearview mirror. By eliminating a major blind spot and recording all activity behind your vehicle, it’s no surprise backup cameras are becoming increasingly popular. They’re also so effective that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is requiring that all new cars come with backup technology by May 2018. If your car doesn’t have a backup camera already, here’s why you should seriously consider having one installed:

Car backup cameras save lives

The most important benefit of investing in a backup camera should obviously be mentioned first: backup cameras literally save lives. The reason the NHTSA is requiring new vehicles come standard with backup cameras is that an estimated 200 deaths and 15,000 injuries occur annually due to backup crashes—tragically, most of the fatalities involve children younger than five. Pets are also vulnerable to vehicle blind spots, but backup cameras pick up where your rearview mirror leaves off, revealing everything that’s happening directly behind your bumper before it’s too late.

Backup cameras make parking a piece of cake

Many states don’t require parallel parking skills to obtain a driver’s license, which means there’s a good chance you struggle to get in and out of a street-side parking spot. And even if you’re a parallel parking pro, things can get tricky when the car that was behind or ahead of you leaves and someone new slides in much closer, leaving you less room to maneuver. Thankfully, backup cameras can turn what would be a parking nightmare into a piece of cake, ensuring you don’t back into or graze another car in the process.

Backup cameras can save you money

An obvious side effect of avoiding minor bumps and scratches with the help of a backup camera is fewer insurance claims, and thus lower premiums. Plus, many car insurance companies are starting to offer discounts for a range of car safety equipment, including backup cameras. But one of the best insurance-related benefits of backup cameras is the irrefutable evidence they can provide in the event of a fender-bender that’s not your fault if the camera is modified to record. And if someone hits you from behind and leaves the scene, a modified backup camera will catch the license plate number for a hit-and-run claim to the police.

Add a car dashcam for even more benefits

Video evidence in the event of a car accident is a strong selling point for backup cameras, but that evidence is limited to whatever happens behind you. To ensure you have a record of everything that’s happening in front of you as you drive, you’ll need a dashcam, which is an outward-facing camera mounted to the dashboard or behind the rearview mirror. Dashcams are incredibly popular around the world, primarily to prove who’s at fault in a car accident and prevent accident fraud, but there are several other benefits as well.

Dashcams catch parking lot hit-and-runners

Just as some backup cameras can catch the license plate of a hit-and-run vehicle, dashcams can catch the plate of a car that dings yours while left unattended in a parking lot. Typically it’s impossible to identify the offending driver and you’re responsible for paying for damages, which can raise insurance premiums even though you’re completely not at fault.

Dashcams can get you out of an unfair ticket

If you’re pulled over for a traffic violation you didn’t commit, you can offer dashcam footage as evidence before the ticket is even written. And if the officer refuses to consider it at the scene, a judge will find the video quite compelling in court, which will prevent you from getting points on your driving record or having to pay for traffic school or higher insurance premiums.

Dashcams are great for worried parents and concerned employers

If you’re the parent of a newly-licensed teenager or an employer with a fleet of company vehicles, dashcams work great as both a deterrent to unsafe driving and proof of any abuse of driving privileges like having unsanctioned passengers or using company vehicles for private matters. As a bonus, most modern dash cameras are GPS enabled, which means they can record location and speed in addition to images and sound.

Dashcams can catch incredible footage

Aside from the safety and money-saving benefits of dashcams, they can also be used for fun. Road trips can be recorded in their entirety and edited down for later viewing, and there’s always a chance your dashcam will record something amazing. In February 2013, a large meteor crashed to earth in Russia, and most of the incredible footage came from dashcams, which are particularly popular in the county—they’re also responsible for some of the best “dashcam fail” videos available online. You never know what you’ll see while driving, so why not make sure you have proof of something amazing that no one would believe otherwise?

Backup camera and dashcam installation at San Diego Car Stereo

As demand for car accident avoidance and overall safety increases, there are more choices than ever for backup camera and dashcam equipment. If you’re not sure where to start, let San Diego Car Stereo help. Our trained experts can help you choose the right equipment for your needs and budget, and our professional installation team will make sure everything is installed perfectly and working great. Give us a call at (858) 569-0777 or stop by our convenient Kearny Mesa location today.