7 Car Upgrades to Buy With Your Tax Refund

Max your tax at San Diego Car Stereo!

It is tax season! While for some that can signal headaches and long nights armed with a calculator and spreadsheets, for others tax season means a fat refund finding its way into your pocket. Everyone enjoys an influx of cash, and a tax refund is even better because it feels like a giant gift of cash just falls into your lap. Many like to treat themselves to something fun with their tax refund, and at San Diego Car Stereo many of our customers come in with a tax refund looking to upgrade their car or truck. Below you can find 7 great car upgrades to buy with your tax refund, and if you would like more information or a quote on installation, contact us today by calling (858) 569-0777.

1. New Rims or Wheels

New rims or wheels are a great way to completely change the look and feel of your car at an affordable price. At San Diego Car Stereo, we have a wide variety of different rim and wheel designs to choose from, allowing you to give your car a personal touch.

2. Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay allows you to seamlessly integrate your iPhone into the driving experience, giving you the ability to make calls, texts, play music, listen to podcasts, get driving directions, and much more with ease. Apple CarPlay displays your iPhone apps in a simple and easy to understand format, allowing you to use a variety of different apps while behind the wheel.

3. Backup Camera

Parallel parking can be a challenge for even the most gifted drivers. Installing a backup camera is an easy way to make parallel parking a breeze, as the camera allows you to get right up next to the car behind you without hitting it. A backup camera makes pulling out of parking spots and the driveway much safer as well.

4. Tinted Windows

Tinted windows make your car look so much cooler. At the same time, they also make the interior of your vehicle cooler as well, as tinted windows keep harmful UV rays out of the car. The tinted windows keep your car at a colder temperature on a hot day, as well as offering protection to your skin and car interior from ultralight rays.

5. Car Vinyl Wrap

A car vinyl wrap is a great way to get your car looking funky while simultaneously protecting it from damage. A vinyl wrap protects your car from bumps and scratches, while at the same time giving it a vibrant new color without having to bother with any paint.

6. Suspension Lift Kit

The beautiful wilderness of San Diego beckons. Whether you prefer the mountains or the desert, San Diego offers a variety of different locations to go offroading. With a suspension lift kit, no offroad trail is too difficult or bumpy.

7. Car Alarm and Theft Prevention

Keep your precious car safe from theft with a car alarm and theft prevention system. A good car security system will not only help prevent your car from being stolen, but it will also help keep your valuables safe when you leave them in your car.

Upgrade Your Car With Your Tax Refund at San Diego Car Stereo

If the IRS cuts you a big check for your tax refund this year, come celebrate at San Diego Car Stereo. We use only the very best brands in car stereo, providing your vehicle with an incredible sound system. We also offer installation of rims and wheels, Apple CarPlay, and more. To learn more or to get an estimate on installation for any of the above services, contact San Diego Car Stereo today by calling (858) 569-0777.