What is a Blind Spot Detection System?

Car blind spot detection sensors

Every car has a blind spot. It is an inherent design flaw in all modern cars. There will always be at least one area either behind the car or on the side of the car that is impossible to see with the naked eye or with a mirror. In most cases, the blind spot is located on the sides of the vehicle near the rear bumper, causing difficulties when switching lanes that can often lead to car crashes. The amount of danger and anxiety the blind spot has caused for countless drivers has led to the creation of blind spot detection systems. San Diego Car Stereo specializes in installing aftermarket blind spot detection systems, and below we explain what a blind spot detection system is and how it works. To learn more or to get a quote on the installation of a blind spot detection system in your vehicle, contact San Diego Car Stereo today by calling (858) 569-0777.

What is a Blind Spot Detection System?

A car blind spot detection system uses a combination of cameras and sensors to help the driver become aware of cars and other objects that they otherwise would not be able to see. A blind spot detection system is especially helpful when parking or switching lanes, as the system will alert the driver in some way if an object is near. Some blind spot detection systems will alert the driver with an audible beeping or verbal warning, while others will visually alert the driver that an object is in their blind spot.

How Does Car Blind Spot Detection Work?

Blind spot detection is a two-step process. The system must first detect the object, then notify the driver.

Blind Spot Detection

Blind spot detection systems may use a variety of different ways to detect objects in the car’s blind spot, including using sonar, cameras, or lidar. Each blind spot detection system has a different approach, including when the detection system is activated. Some activate when the vehicle reaches a certain speed, while others will activate when the turn signal is on. 

Notification of the Driver

If any of the above sensors detect the presence of an object, it will immediately notify the driver. As previously noted, there are a variety of different types of notifications, including audible notifications (alarms, beeps, buzzers, voice), tactile notifications (vibrating the seat or steering wheel), or visible notifications (dash warning light, mirror light).

Aftermarket Blind Spot Detection Installation

While many newer vehicles are coming with blind spot detection installed into the car, aftermarket blind spot detection is simple and easy in the hands of an expert. If you find that you have trouble comfortably switching lanes or parking, an aftermarket blind spot detection system may be the solution to your problems.

San Diego Blind Spot Detection System Installation

San Diego Car Stereo specializes in blind spot detection system installation, helping drivers navigate the streets of San Diego safely and securely. A blind spot detection system is part of a larger car collision avoidance system, and at San Diego Car Stereo we have all of the latest technology to keep you, your passengers, and your car safe. If you are interested in learning more or would like to get a quote on installation, give us a call at (858) 569-0777.