What Are the Best Marine Speakers for a Boat?

Best marine speakers in San Diego.

If you have a boat and do not have a marine audio system, you are missing out. A marine audio system allows you to listen to your favorite music as you zip along the water and bask in the sunshine. However, if you are going to install a new boat stereo system, you do not want to settle for anything less than the best. At San Diego Car Stereo, we specialize in marine audio installation and only use the very best in marine audio. Below you can find a few of the best marine speakers in 2019, and if you are interested in learning more, contact us today by calling (858) 569-0777.

1. Fusion FR6022 Marine Speakers

In a series of tests on sound quality and power, the Fusion FR6022 often wins out. On top of the impressive sound quality, these speakers are impeccably designed to allow them to withstand anything the open water can throw their way, making them incredibly durable and long-lasting. The cherry on top is the affordable price, making the Fusion FR6022 a great pick for those on a budget that are seeking incredible results.

2. Polk Audio DB521 Marine Speakers

The Polk Audio DB521 are small, 5.25 inch speakers that pack a lot of punch. The speakers allow you to crank up the volume without sacrificing sound quality, giving you clear and crisp sound while on your boat. They are also made from incredibly resilient butyl rubber that is water resistant, meaning that a splash of water is no cause for concern. Finally, what truly sets these speakers apart from the pack is the look. They offer a sleek, cool design that makes your boat look that much better when speeding through the water in San Diego.

3. Wet Sounds XS-65ic-RGB Marine Speakers

This speaker takes the party to a whole new level. The Wet Sounds XS-65ic-RGB comes equipped with colorful LED lights, wowing guests and turning a night on the water into an amazing laser light show. If you want to add a little pizzazz to your marine audio system, go with these LED lights and speakers.

4. Sony XSMP1611 Marine Speakers

Sony is one of the best-known brands in audio, and for good reason as their products always deliver. The Sony XSMP1611 are 6.5-inch marine speakers that are very powerful and produce impeccable sound. The speakers are available in both black and white, and are UV resistant, water resistant, and salt-water resistant, meaning it can weather any and all elements. While the speakers are very lightweight, they can produce a booming bass.

5. Boss Audio MR50W Marine Speakers

Boss Audio is frequently cited as a favorite of boat owners around San Diego, cited for its dependability and performance. This marine speaker is built to last, equipped with protection from rain, sun, fog, and corrosion, making it suitable to years of exposure out on the water. The speakers also come with a one year warranty, so if for any reason you have some trouble with them you can get new speakers sent your way as soon as possible.

Best Marine Speakers Installation at San Diego Car Stereo

If you are looking for the best brands in marine speakers at an incredible price, come to San Diego Car Stereo. We carry only top of the line marine audio brands, and provide our customers with custom installation to make sure their boat stereo system is looking and sounding great. If you are interested in learning more about marine speakers or marine audio installation, contact San Diego Car Stereo today by calling (858) 569-0777.