The Best Car Collision Avoidance Tips in San Diego

Avoid Getting in a Car Accident in San Diego

Avoid Car Accidents in San Diego.

Car accidents can happen to anyone, no matter how many years of driving experience they have or how spotless their driving record. Even those who steadfastly follow the basic rules of driving safety—no texting, no driving while intoxicated, and always driving a well-maintained vehicle—can’t control the behavior of other drivers. However, there are ways to increase your safety on the road.

The following tips might not guarantee 100% car collision avoidance, but they will decrease your chances of having to deal with the hassle, expense, and potential injury from a car accident.

Tip #1: Keep your eyes moving to avoid car accidents

It’s easy to fall into the habit of looking directly ahead of you when driving, but accidents can come from any direction, which is why your eyes should be constantly on the move. Regularly scan the road from left to right and check rearview and side view mirrors often so you can spot a problem with enough time to react.

Tip #2: Check the blind spots in your car

Before changing lanes, don’t rely on your rear and side-view mirrors. Always physically turn your head to check your blind spots as well, because smaller cars and motorcycles can “come out of nowhere” and catch you off guard. You can also invest in aftermarket blind spot sensors or cameras to detect cars in your blind spot and alert you if it’s unsafe to merge.

Tip #3: Check the road twice at stop signs

When you wait at a stop sign, always check the left and right directions twice before pulling into the intersection. Speeding cars can approach faster than you anticipate, and sometimes oncoming cars are hidden behind road obstacles or blind spots in your car.

Tip #4: Watch for red-light runners in San Diego

Don’t assume a green light means all’s clear to proceed—if you’re the first in line at a red light, look both ways down the road when the light turns green before driving through, just in case someone runs their own red light.

Tip #5: Keep your distance from other cars to avoid accidents

Regardless of how fast or slow you’re driving (especially in traffic, where stopping and starting can be unpredictable), you should always maintain a safe distance from the car ahead of you just in case they slam on the brakes. The general rule is 3 seconds between cars (measured by a marker on the roadway) for speeds between 35-55 mph, and 4 seconds for speeds between 55-75 mph.

Tip #6: Stay out of the fast lane in San Diego

Most highway accidents occur in the left or “fast” lane, so when you’re driving on the freeway or major multi-lane roads, staying in the center or right lane allows you to have more “escape routes” in case a problem suddenly arises.

Tip #7: Watch out for inattentive drivers to avoid car collisions

As part of your eye-scanning routine, watch out for cars that are drifting in the lane, which could mean a drunk, tired, or distracted driver. Also steer clear of cars with body damage, dirty windows, or other signs of a careless car owner—those could be signs of a careless driver, as well.

Tip #8: Hit the racetrack to avoid car accidents

It might seem counterintuitive, but learning how to drive a car on a racetrack is a great way to improve your driving skills. High-performance driving schools provide the opportunity to practice skid recovery and collision avoidance maneuvers in the safety of a controlled environment. Practicing such “split second” response tactics could save your life in an emergency situation.

Tip #9: Install forward-collision sensors in your car

Regardless of how vigilant you are with driving safety, it never hurts to get assistance from technology. Forward-collision warning systems use a laser, radar or cameras to assess speed and surrounding conditions—including other cars and pedestrians—and alert you to a potential crash with enough time to react.

Tip #10: Install backup cameras in San Diego

Most new vehicles come standard with rear cameras, but if your car is a few years old, you can install an aftermarket backup camera that will display the area behind your car on the dashboard screen. In addition to preventing backover accidents, most backup camera systems have parking assistance features to make parallel parking a breeze.

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