Best Places to Ride Your Motorcycle in San Diego

Best Motorcycle Routes in San Diego

Best motorcycle routes in San Diego, California.

Does the magnificent beauty brought on by recent rain make you want to jump on your motorcycle and take a leisurely ride through San Diego County? We relate! Fortunately, local motorcycle enthusiasts have an abundance of scenic routes to choose from. Want some inspiration? Take a look below at the best places to ride your motorcycle in San Diego.

Ride your Motorcycle Down Sunrise Highway

One of the most popular and rewarding motorcycle routes in San Diego county is the scenic 34-mile two-lane highway that snakes through the Laguna Mountains. The forest is already rebounding from its last devastating fire in 2013, and there are plenty of places to pull over and enjoy the spectacular view of the desert basin to the east. Starting at the Sunrise Highway exit off the I-8, turn north to wind up the mountains. When you hit SR-79, you can either turn right and head into Julian, or turn left to loop past Lake Cuyamaca and back to the freeway.

Highway 94 is Perfect For San Diego Motorcycle Rides

While many people assume the 94 freeway ends in Rancho San Diego, it actually continues on through Jamul and out past rural outposts like Dulzura, Potrero, Campo, and Boulevard that are nestled among scenic canyons and wide-open plains. You can even take a detour down to Tecate—yes, the same Tecate where the popular Mexican beer is produced. If you choose this route, don’t forget to stop at the historic Barrett Junction Café for bite—motorcyclists have been swearing by it for years.

Get Your Bike and Roll Through San Ysabel/Julian

If nothing else, Julian’s famous apple pie and sweets from Dudley’s bakery in San Ysabel should be enough to motivate you to take this route, which starts at the 67 freeway in Lakeside before running into the 78 and winding through the gorgeous backcountry. There’s typically a bit more traffic, considering the route takes you through Ramona, but it’s still a great motorcycle ride and worth the trip—especially if you stop for some pie.

Montezuma Grade is a Great Motorcycle Ride

An alternate option for the previous route is to turn north on the 79 in San Ysabel instead of continuing up the 78 to Julian. If you veer east past Ranchita, you’ll reach the Montezuma Grade, a twisty mountain road that drops 3,000 feet down to the desert. The sharp curves are challenging but the endless panoramic views can’t be beaten. Once you hit the quaint desert town of Borrego Springs, be sure to hit up one of the several restaurants and watering holes that have sprung up in recent years.

Palomar Mountain Loop is a Scenic San Diego Ride

For particularly diverse scenery that’s a little closer to San Diego proper, check out this route that loops through Palomar Mountain State Park. It features dense forests, rocky ledges, and panoramic views from the Lake Henshaw Overlook. Starting off Highway 76 east (exit from I-15), the winding stretches of smooth asphalt provide a comfortable motorcycle ride. And if all that scenery builds up an appetite, stop for a bite at Mother’s Kitchen, a popular restaurant that offers everything from breakfast favorites to classic comfort food.

Enhance Your Relaxing Weekend Ride with a Motorcycle Sound System

For some people, the rumble of a motorcycle engine is the only soundtrack they need to enjoy the tranquility of the open road. But for others, there’s nothing like the perfect playlist to enhance a leisurely motorcycle ride. If your motorcycle needs a stereo system upgrade, San Diego Car Stereo can help. We stock premium brands and offer expert installation, so stop by our Kearny Mesa location today.